The top 5 things I can’t do without…

Ask anyone the five things they can't do without and I know you'd get pretty similar answers....more

She's leaving on a jet plane

She's 24 years of age, worried about getting old and has finally left a job that she loved to bits and boarded a jet plane as the first part of her big OE....more

The Luna Park Mirror affect

I have just spent the last two days working on the floor in our Adelaide store in Norwood and whilst I thought I knew and had seen it all re the behaviours of women when endeavouring to purchase a new frock, now I'm not so sure. The South Australians really have it over the NZ girls as to having such a love/hate relationship with their body. What the hell is this about girls? Why is fat such a feminist issue? Either love and embrace what you have or change it. Only you can do this....more