Making the Most of My Time Overseas

On the bus today, I looked out the windows and thought about my last decade. What can I say, it was a long bus ride. So, there I was, thinking about my twenties. We moved to Indonesia when I was 23. I thought about how I'm 29 now, and 23 feels like a short and long time ago. In six short/long years, I feel like I'm finally learning how to be a friend. How to reach out. How to have a little confidence. I think I had to move all the way to a rural village in Indonesia to figure out how much I needed to learn....more

Our Next Adventure

Holy schnitzel, we're headed to Germany! What I picture when I think of Germany ...more

A Heap of Land

Where is home for our family? At this point in our lives, we feel like we have many. Here is my best attempt to describe our home in Sumatra, where we lived for over one year....more