4-Year Old Boy Positive For Cocaine :(

There are few times when writing makes me cringe.This is one of them.Basing from the title, you understand why.Last week we touched on why parents don’t let kids play much outside.One of the reasons was fear of putting children in danger whether it be accidents or criminals.And while I’d like to think every parent struggles with managing such fears, there are a few who seem to manage well – to the point of endangering their children....more

A Mom’s Night Out, A Hangover and Longing to Seize the Moment

Note: This is a guest post on my blog by a wonderful writer, Keesha. Enjoy!I felt like a wild, childless twenty-something, even though I was a thirty-nine year old mother of two children under four....more

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Make FUN Science experiments!

Can't post today's article here since it's a guest post for a local online magazine.Instead, here's a little intro on what it's about and how it can help YOUR kiddos.-----------------------Remember a previous post that said this:...more

Are Toddlers Influenced by Peer Pressure?

Don’t dip your hand in the potty!Don’t use Daddy’s favorite necktie to clean spilled milk!Stop throwing your food at the dog!Noooo! Mommy’s lipstick is not a crayon!That list on top? It could go on for miles.And miles.If you have (or had) a toddler, I’m pretty sure you’ve spewed out tons of phrases that tell your kiddo what she can and can’t do.It’s normal....more

How 7 Movies & TV Shows Can Keep Kids Cool During HOT Weather

Hot summer months not only raise temperatures but these as well:Risk for heat exhaustion or stroke, and electricity bills.What if I told you there are ways to stay cool without switching the aircondition on?Skeptical?Don’t be.Here are simple ways to cool down the kiddos. Of course, in true Green Eggs & Moms style, we’re doing it the FUN way by using movie and TV references as well as creativity.7 Movies & TV shows that can cool down your kids1. Matrix...more

How You Read With Toddlers & Preschoolers Can Spell Their Success

A recent study has found that how you read with your preschooler can impact their comprehension and language skills.Are you a big reading advocate? If so, you probably spend a few minutes every day reading to your non-reader or teaching your beginner-reader how to...well, uhh...read.But how do you read to them?If you simply utter the words without pointing much, you might want to reconsider making use of your pointer. And yes, this is one of the few times when finger-pointing is acceptable....more
 @JourneyofLife Someone told me several years back to read to my kiddo while pointing. I thought ...more

Caffeine May Not Cause Sleeping Problems in Infants Study Says

Are you a mom who loves caffeine? Here's something to smile about. A recent study found that a limited caffeine intake during and shortly after pregnancy may not cause sleeping problems in newborns.Yep, you read right.But the key here is moderation. Don't go overboard with gulping down tea or coffee just yet since the effects of more than 300 mg of caffeine per day - about 12 ounces - is still unknown. ...more

3 Parenting Studies That Don’t Really Surprise Me

If you frequent my blog you'll know that I often write about the latest parenting-related studies and research. I come across quite a number and while they are highly informative in nature, there are a few that make me scratch my head and say:...more

20 Educational Activities for Kids

Did you know that children who aren't engaged in educational activities during the summer lose about 2.6 months of math skills and 2 months of reading skills?It's summer in the Philippines - but whether or not it is where you're from, today's post will still benefit your kiddos because these fun and educational activities can be done anytime throughout the year....more

Study: Nearly Half of US Pre-Schoolers Don’t Play Outdoors

A recent study that worked with nearly 9,000 US children found that 49% of them don't go outside to play. This is true even after 93% of the moms said they considered their neighborhood safe. On the flip-side, 44% of moms and 24% of dads mentioned they take their children outside to walk at least once a day.Shocked with the 49% stats? So are we....more
 @JennaHatfield Thanks for the link, Jenna! And I grew up in our backyard so I know how great it ...more