Museum of Feelings: a Holiday Pop-Up Spectacular

Whoever would have thought that inviting the Accidental Locavore to the opening of the new Museum of Feelings<...more

A Visit to Four Legs Farm

While most people are familiar with the CSA (community sponsored agriculture) model for vegetables, where you essentially pre-pay for your summer’s produce, the same idea for meat is just starting to catch on....more

A Presidential Dinner

Following the tour of Golf Adriatic, the Accidental Locavore and company went on to explore the ...more

In Search of Sausage (and Salami)


Croatia Through Wine and Food

There’s always a tipping point, isn’t there?...more

Return To Me: Skating and Songs

Besides food, the Accidental Locavore is also passionate about skating!  In the upcoming Musselman’s Apple Sauce Family Skating Tribute Show (airing November 23rd and again on December7th from 4-6 PM EST on ABC), Katia Gordeeva, her daughter Liza and husband Ilia Kulik, skate to a wonderful piece of music, Return to Me, by ...more

Ricotta Ice Cream Recipe

After being inspired by the ricotta ice cream at Junoon, the Accidental Locavore decided that the end of summer (sob, sob) deserved some homemade ice cream. Turns out that the ricotta version is much easier than making classic ice cream....more

Grilling Everything: What Works, What Doesn’t

Like bacon going with everything, there are people out there who believe that grilling is the answer to all food preparation....more

The Top 9 Things NOT to do at a Farmers' Market.

Because the Accidental Locavore was on vacation last week, and since it's getting to be peak Farmers' Market season, I thought it was a good time to re-run my farmers' favorite posting....more

Smoked Trout and Potato Salad Recipe

As things sometime turn out, the Accidental Locavore had just finished reading a recipe for smoked trout with potatoes from April Bloomfield’s A Girl and Her Pig when my husband started talking about how much he liked smoked trout, a factoid I filed away for future reference....more