Meat lover's dream-Culinary Boot Camp Part 3 Yesterday was all about the meat-pork, chicken, duck, roast, beef, all in a day's work.Since I don't eat meat, I  brought home some samples for my husband to try.  Based on the reaction of the other students in our class, I thought he would like the beef best.  It turned out  that the pork tenderloin stuffed with figs, drizzled with a port sauce was his favourite. Prosciutto Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Port Figs Ing...more

Culinary Boot Camp Part Deux-It's all about the carbs! Yesterday was all about the carbs-rice pilaf, homemade pasta and risotto.  Typically, these would form my favourite food group-beige!  However, after a full day of  starch, I feel like my wrinkles could easily be smoothed out to resemble a feshlly ironed bed sheet.   If I was ever to run an ultra-marathon today should have been the day!  After a day of carbo-loading of this calibre, I could have made it to Toronto and back....more

Chef Skills Boot Camp Well, I did  it.   I started Boot Camp yesterday....more

The Sweet Scent of Summer - Pesto Pasta I remember it well.  The first time I really tasted basil was in a pesto tortellini  prepared at  my favourite cafe.  The combination of basil, garlic, pine nuts and Parmesan produced a fresh hue of green that was so unlike anything I had seen in the prepared pesto one finds at the grocery store.  It was summer time, and I wanted to share my new found love with friends.  I purchased the chee...more