Six Warning Signs Your “Social Media Expert” Might Be a Fake!

Growing your business online makes smart business sense these days. Learning how to do it right the first time is critical. There are many people out there who claim to be "Social Media Experts." And they charge some pretty nice fees to "coach" people to improve their online marketability. I also think there are many people out there trying to be "helpful," but have no clue of how to extend strategic help! ...more

4 Tips to Becoming An Author: A Smart Business Strategy

I am a speaker at heart, always wanted to speak in front of groups of people.  I never really thought I would become a writer.  Somehow, when I try to write, the words don't flow like when I speak!  Then, a publisher found me on LinkedIn.  Honored and overwhelmed I agreed to write one chapter in a compilation book with a group of amazing people like Mark Victor Hansen. ...more

Hi Holly, great question! I have been an entrepreneur and self-employed since 1999! So some tips ...more