10 Steps To Downsizing Your Home

If you find yourself in economic straits, downsize as quickly as possible. The longer you try to hang on to a lifestyle you can no longer support, the deeper the pit you'll be digging. Take your cue from business strategy - restructure. ...more

10 Reasons to Go Small

At tinymine, we can think of 10 reasons why going small is good for you that encompasses everything from saving money to saving the planet. What are your reasons? ...more

Macchu Pichu is someplace I long to go to someday :)

You sound like you're living the ...more

new site (tinymine) and new to blogher

Hi all, Signed up with Blogher recently and still learning my way around. I live in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada in a 390 square foot apartment with my daughter and my boyfriend. I like the challenges that come with small living..and also the rewards. I look forward to getting to know everyone here and checking out the blogs! Please feel free to come by my site, have a look around and let me know what you think. it's a brand new baby, just released yesterday! ...more