Lashinda Demus' Gold Medal is a Family Affair

For track athlete and mom Lashinda Demus, it's been a long time coming. Demus is a classic example of hard work and perseverance paying off as well as learning to control what you can control and letting the rest handle itself....more

12 Tips on Overcoming Heartbreak from Athletes Akiba McKinney, MacKenzie Hill, and Ann Gaffigan

For BlogHer's monthly series of 12 tips to help you Own Your Beauty, athletes Akiba McKinney, MacKenzie Hill and Ann Gaffigan take on this month's theme: Heartbreak. ...more

Texas A&M Defeats Notre Dame for NCAA Women's Basketball Championship

If you missed the game last night, I hope you can find a replay somewhere. There was no down time. No chance for bathroom breaks -- except when ESPN extended a timeout to interview Texas A&M coach Gary Blair, forgetting that he...doesn't abbreviate his thoughts -- and near the end, there wasn't much chance to breathe either. ...more