It's Not Dependence Day

Read what I wrote on my blog regarding freedom and free health care.     ...more

I Have Worms Under My Counter

...and they are eating my garbage.  On earth day I bought myself a vermicomposter from Target.  More of a happy coincidence than a statement for the day.  ...more

I'm nominated for Funniest Blog at Blogluxe

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I'm Going to Pay Off the House Before I Turn 40

That's right, you heard me.  We're paying off the house before we turn forty.  We have less than three years.  We just dropped from six digits before the decimal to five.  My husband works for a company that just laid of 1/3 of his department.  I stay home with five of our six kids, the sixth is a freshman in college.  And we are going to do it.  ...more

You go Girl!

I am nearing 40 myself, and if I could turn back time.....

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