Your Baby Can Read

I am officially trying out the program So your Baby Can Read. I chose this over Hooked on Phonics, which my friend is trying on her 3 year old. We are comparing notes. Hopefully after a month I will be able to tell you which one is better. After Looking through the box, I'm pretty optimistic. The idea sounds easy enough at least. I will be giving periodic updates on Jadyn's progress. She is exactly 2 years and 10 months today. I can't believe my number one is almost 3! ...more

The Swim Suit Sales Person Could Be a Liar...

I decided it was time for my yearly swimsuit purchase being that it was a holiday weekend and all. I am definitely hairless enough for the activity, but I dreaded having to go. Even in my pre-baby days when I was still a fine tuned track athlete, I dreaded going swimsuit shopping because it is SWIMSUIT shopping. ...more

The Mama Code

Thanks to popping some ibuprofens and my frozen peas I am much, much better today. Still sore, but better. I even went so far as to venture to the park with the girls where I had to check some violators of the mama code. All mamas have an unspoken code, especially at the park. Or at least any civilized park for that matter. This generally means you look after ALL kids at the playground to some degree. For example, if you see a child wander off into the distance you take notice and, if necessary, take action. If you ...more

First Time With a Brazilian

Have you heard of the Brazilian? Yesterday a good friend, although in hindsight probably more of an evil friend, suggested it. She swears by it. I made the appointment in hopes of surprising my husband with something “new” and if he was to come in here and touch me right now, I’d cut him. All I can say is there are no words. I have given birth naturally to three children. And. There. Are. No. Words. Not only was it the most painful thing I’ve ever done. I was completely mortified. I waited in a brightly lit room for twenty minutes before ...more

Obama Vick Monologue

I was very upset when I heard about Notre Dame protesting President Obama. I have to check myself to make sure I’m just not being sensitive because of the whole race thing. I have noticed that several persons of color get upset when people criticize Mr. Obama like it is all about him being a person of color. Some of it…maybe, but not all of it. Presidents have always been criticized.  I don’t think I am being sensitive, but who knows. Simply put, I thought it was rude. I have disagreed with President Bush on several things, but when he spoke at our ...more

The Truth About NFL Wives

I will try and explain some misconceptions people have about NFL wives. You can probably also throw NBA, MLB, Hockey, NASCAR and pretty much any other lucrative sport in there as well. I’m sure there’s plenty more but these are the ones that come to mind. 1. Most of us did meet our husbands BEFORE they became NFL players. I’m not sure why this amazes people. Like that makes it okay we’re together since I knew him way back when. On the other hand if we hooked up ...more

Contraceptive Challenged

I think I should elaborate on being contraceptive-challenged as I have received some questions about that. First of all, it is a completely made up word. However, it does mean that I am destined to have 10 million kids because every form of contraceptive fails on me. Every. Single. One. And I have tried them all. The IUD is actually just my latest in a long line of contraceptive choices. The ring wouldn’t stay in place. For the main reason--I guess I’m ...more

The fatigue

7:28 am Jadyn: Mommy……mommy…..mommy Me: Yes Jadyn Jadyn: I need juice mommy Me: Okay Jadyn just a few more minutes 7:29 am Jadyn: Mommy…mommy…mommy Me: Yes Jadyn Jadyn: I need “i-quweam” Me: You cannot have ice cream for breakfast Jadyn ...more

Please share some twin tips with me! I'm due in a few weeks! need help soon!more

The interim

Today is my husband's official first day of practice. It is also supposed to be Jadyn's official first day of home school. Insanely enough I volunteered for this thinking that my 3 year old would just decide to spontaneously listen to me now that I'm her "teacher". Really and truthfully I hyped myself up to do it when my husband all but insinuated I was being lazy and that in return our 3 year old daughter was becoming lazy. Now what evidence he has of this I don't know. Sure most days I don't ...more