Soup-Er Bowl: White Bean, Chicken Sausage and Cauliflower Soup

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Secret Mushrooms: Thanksgiving Stuffing with a Bacon-y Twist

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Ending the Curse of the Turanos: Tuscan Grilled Chicken

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Great Guestification: Smoked Brisket with Dad Salt(tm)

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Cro-Nutting: The Privilege of a Great Houseguest

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It's OK To Be In The Can: Spicy Easy Bean Dip

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Dinner & Roses To-Go: Summer Bries Pasta

 Brie Pasta Plated and ReadyOn Monday nights for a series of 16 weeks twice a year, I engage in a very sophisticated evening with a select group of friends in the City. It’s a weekly meeting of the minds and...more

Snakes and Maggots Couldn't Drive Me Away: Roasted Potatoes

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Put That In Your Bird and Roast It: Wine Can Chicken

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The Time is Right: Mexican Marinated Lime-ly Grilled Skirt Steak

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