What's In Your Future?

Do you have a vision for your future? Does even thinking about your vision make you feel nervous or intimidated? If it does, you aren’t alone! I can tell you about 80% of the women I talk to and work with feel the same way.Why? There could be many reasons for that but here are three common ones:...more

Women: Is Having it All A Myth?

In the July/August issue of Atlantic Monthly, according an article by college professor Anne-Marie Slaughter, women really can’t have it all – at least not unless there are some serious changes that include more family friendly corporate policies....more

Victorious Woman Contest Winners Announced

As the Founder of the Victorious Woman Project, I have the great pleasure of announcing the winners of the 5th Annual Victorious Woman Contest. They are Erin O’Connell and Paula Whittaker, both of Pennsylvania, and Anne Lawrence of South Carolina. Here's what they wrote about:First Prize: Erin O’Connell described her battle with bulimia in "How I Reclaimed My Life & My Right to Happiness”....more

John Edwards: Can Infidelity in Marriage Be Prevented?

Former Senator John Edwards’ trial started today. Edwards is accused of violating federal campaing finance laws using campaign monies to fund and keep secret an affair with his mistress, Reille Hunter. Some of the evidence looks pretty damning but who knows if a crime was committed – that can be sorted out during the trial. What I’m wondering about is the encounter I had with a lady at last year’s Italian-American Festival in Media PA. It was a warm June day and, as a local author with Italian-American heritage, I was invited to do a book signing....more

Tell Your Story - First Prize is a Kindle

Enter the 5th Annual Victorious Woman Contest TODAY!  Every woman has a story of overcoming. What’s yours?Now is a great time to tell your story to other and get the “atta girl” you earned. And you won’t be telling your story without good purpose. In addition to entering it into a contest, your story of victory can inspire another woman who is in the same place now that you were in before, going through the same thing that you did.Sharing your story will not only give you a win, but will help another woman be victorious!...more

A War on Women? Not Just Conservatives!

If there is a war on women, it isn’t about birth control and it isn’t just from the right. It’s about women. It’s the continuous trashing from the left and the right and, sadly, from both men and women. The most striking example isn’t – and shouldn’t be – about contraception. That fight keeps the conversation about women in the bedroom instead of the boardroom. Instead, the argument should be about leadership, and most obviously, about women in politics....more

Gender Bias – Will It End?

It’s been a wild, unsettling week in politics for women.On the left, the Democrats were rumbling that maybe they made a mistake picking Obama. CNN’s Jack Cafferty brought it out into the open when he asked the question. But that’s not what Dems thought three years ago when they so disrespectfully snookered Hillary Clinton. The Dems threw the well-qualified female Clinton to the wolves in favor of neophyte black male Barak Obama....more

Are You a Victorious Woman? Enter Contest

What have you done that was victorious? Tell the world. Help other women!Win: money, free promotion and bragging rightsDeadline - May 23www.victoriouswomancontest.com Deadline extendedAnnmarie KellyAuthor and Motivational SpeakerCEO, SkillBuilder SystemsFounder, Victorious Woman Projectwww.victoriouswoman.com...more

War-Torn Women Warriors: What are they like? Like you and me.

Nearly every culture associates men and masculinity with leadership, fighting for one’s rights, and even gun ownership. So what does it mean when women are warriors and heroes? Women warriors?  The words fly in the face of typical descriptions of women who are often portrayed as relatively helpless and in need of a man or the government to survive. Women heroes?...more

Spooky: What Do You Want to Be?

Halloween is the day kids get dressed up to look like their dream person. Will they be a princess, pirate, clown, queen, vampire, Cleopatra, Lady Gaga? It’s fun for them to think about and it often take weeks for them to decide.   What about you?   It’s Halloween and I’m asking you the same question. What do you want to be? If you could be anything you wanted – and time and money were no object – what would you be? An entrepreneur, business woman, artist, sculptor, writer, corporate CEO, inventor…WHAT?...more