Grilled Chicken with Garlicky Green Sauce

It’s been chilly and gray here the past few days, which has really helped my mind transition to fall. Though I may be willing to part ways with the produce that is no longer in season and evenings too hot to actually enjoy a walk to the park with the kids, one thing I’m not ready to let go of just yet is grilling. That I will probably do until the first snow falls ....more

Plum Ginger Crumb Bars

Here at the tail end of the season, most fruits other than...more

Hibiscus Rum Buck

As much as I love good food and drink and trying new things, I wouldn’t say I’m particularly knowledgeable or sophisticated when it comes to beverages. Sure, I can order off a cocktail menu full of creative...more

School Lunch Inspiration – Over 20 Lunchbox Ideas

It all started back in the end of July when I had finished a month full of ice cream posts on Instagram. I asked for ideas about what to post in August and the overwhelming response was: school lunches! Everyone was looking for ideas to change up the school lunchbox routine, so I posted different lunch ideas for each day of the month (minus the one day I was a thousand miles away taking boards.) Many of you requested a round up at the end of the month compiling all of the ideas to save as an easy reference ....more

Seared Scallops with Summer Veggie and Bacon Hash

Are you predictable when it comes to your restaurant ordering behaviors? No matter how much I like to think I order unique, interesting dishes, it seems my husband has me pegged. He almost always knows, sometimes before I do, what I will choose when he reads through the options ....more

Nectarine Thyme Gin Fizz

To the reader(s) that proposed the idea of cocktail Friday, cheers to you. Talk about a fabulous idea I should have had a long time ago. Making creative cocktails at home is something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while, but we just never seem to get around to it ....more

Iced Oatmeal Cookies

Hey! We made it to Thursday! I think that calls for some celebration right? ...more

august {in an instagram}

1. I took a pic of them on the first day of school, so they continued to ask for a pic every day throughout August. Ha! 2 ....more

Spinach and Cheese Manicotti {and an ATK Cookbook Review + Giveaway!}

Make-ahead meals aren’t a huge focus of mine. I generally come home from work and make dinner almost every night. It’s our routine, I’m used to it ....more

things i’m loving: august edition

I’ve got a whole lot of great recipes lined up to share and a fun giveaway next week, but I just couldn’t wait to do another Things I’m Loving. Here’s what I’ve been loving in August! 1. As someone with long thick...more