Holiday Meal Inspiration: 5 Menus (+ Brunch Ideas)

Since I posted my suggestions for Thanksgiving menu planning last month, I have had several requests for a similar post for Christmas dinner ideas. I’m certainly happy to provide some inspiration, but...more

Winter Marshmallow Trio: Chai, Peppermint and Espresso

It is entirely coincidental that both yesterday and today, I have shared trio recipes – three variations on a common...more

Trio of Crostini: Roasted Tomato, Herbed Honey, and Kale Pesto with Fresh Ricotta

We all have a million things on our to-do lists, right? Finally address and mail the cards that have been sitting on your desk for weeks, make gifts for the kids’ teachers, wrap something for a gift exchange, pick up the things you special ordered, knit really fast to finish that gift for Christmas. Right? ...more

Glazed Cranberry Lemon Cake

This week, ovens everywhere are cranking out cookies and more cookies for the holidays. Mine is about to be...more

DIY Ombre Pillows

Forgive the non-food post, but I know I have a lot of crafty readers and I just couldn’t resist sharing this with you. I know I’ve mentioned my desire to learn to sew many times in the past. I’m happy to report that I have been slowly learning some of the basics and am having a lot of fun with it ....more

Holiday Baking Gift Guide

For those of us who love to bake, the holiday season really can be the...more

Pecan Linzer Cookies

I have no idea how it is possible that in all of my years of baking, this is my first time making linzer cookies. For quite some time I have been fascinated by them. They just look so neat and pretty ....more

Giving Challenge: Help Support a Cambodian Cooking School

Are you familiar with...more

Things I’m Loving: Holiday Gift Guide 2014

A lot of you, in various ways, have been asking me for gift recommendations. Gifts for friends, gifts for kids, edible gifts, etc. This is such a broad topic and I probably could do a long series of posts about it, but I won’t ....more

Sweet Potato Scones with Maple Cinnamon Butter

I’ve never been the biggest fan of sweet potatoes but over the past few years, I’ve started coming around to them in the right recipes. The rest of the family loves them so I’m always brainstorming new ways to incorporate them into foods that we will all enjoy. And if there is one thing that we all enjoy all the time, it’s a freshly baked scone or muffin for breakfast ....more