Salty Honey Pie

Holidays centered around food traditions can be a double edged sword for those of us who love to cook and bake. Every year around Thanksgiving, I grapple with simultaneous urges to make all of the classic dishes while also trying completely new recipes. Thankfully our families are very flexible and I never need to worry about anyone fussing about something I did or did not make ....more

Holiday Cards from Artifact Uprising {+ Giveaway}

I promise we’ll get back to regularly scheduling Thanksgiving-related programming tomorrow but first, I need to share this. You know how it goes. Thanksgiving is over and just like that, we’re in the full holiday swing of things ....more

Poblano Chorizo Strata {Guest Post for BHG}

Hey guys! I must admit, I’m pretty excited. Today I am guest posting over on the Better Homes and Gardens blog Delish Dish about this poblano chorizo strata ....more

Thanksgiving Recipe Guide

First let me say thanks again for all of your feedback about whether you like round up posts and whether you find them helpful. There was definitely a spectrum of views on the topic...more

Apple Cider Caramel Corn

Ever since I first made apple cider caramels last fall, they have stuck in my mind, prompting me to find even more things to do with them. I put them inside cookies (yeessssss) but surely we can’t stop there. ...more

Cider Shallot Gravy

There are very few things that everyone can agree upon. This holds true for practically everything, from favorite Thanksgiving pies to...more

Roast Turkey with Herb Compound Butter

So, who’s ready for Thanksgiving? I am decidedly unenthused about it this year. I just don’t feel like...more

Roasted Pumpkin Hazelnut Crostini

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – possibly the very best thing that has come of my time blogging are the many friendships I have made in the process. It never ceases to amaze me, how lucky we are to connect with people who share similar interests even when they live thousands of miles away. One such friend is Joanne of the superb blog Joanne Eats Well with Others ....more

reader love

It’s time for another edition of Reader Love featuring YOU, my lovely readers. I couldn’t resist starting out this time with these totally adorable pics from reader birthday celebrations! Stephstella celebrated the big 3-0 with the chocolate raspberry truffle layer cake ....more

Buttermilk Cornbread with Chipotle Honey Butter

I have vivid memories of the first time I tried asparagus. I was about four at the time and it was billed to me as “a special treat with (my) lunch”. I’m imagining something spectacular and probably some kind of dessert, and then I am presented with not just asparagus, but mushy, canned asparagus ....more