When Inspiration Strikes – You Better Act

I love reading about other people’s creative process. There is usually something I can relate to, something I want to try out, and I am always left inspired and motivated! I connected with today’s guest writer through Multicultural Children’s Book Day ....more

Anti-Bullying Book & Printable

I am so happy to be participating in Multicultural Children’s Book Day! ENOUGH OF FRANKIE ALREADY! Review and Printable for...more

Lonely Snow Boots

We dodged puddles and stepped through mud to get to the car this morning and the windshield wipers cleared away the drizzle on the way to school. So far this winter we have had lots of dry cold and lots of wet warm. We have had only the slightest tease of snow ....more

The First Thesaurus and Fun Writing Activity

The award winning picture book...more


Hey guys, let’s catch up!...more

Gingerbread Kids Craft

My kids love gingerbread cookies! There’s a coffee shop and bakery near the theater they take classes at that makes the best gingerbread men with chocolate dip suits, yum! They play with them briefly before biting their heads off ....more

Deck the Halls with Paper Chains

Have you been decking the halls? We don’t really deck the halls since we only have one hall and it leads to the bathroom but we have been decorating the living room with lots of handmade garlands and other paper ornaments. I love construction paper ....more

Unplugged String of Lights Craft

I don’t know if you noticed but I finally updated my header logo from falling leaves to blinking LED lights...more

DIY Art Kit with Printable

Mr. Doodles and Jots...more

Minimalist Snowman Ornament

I always say I am going to keep things simple this holiday and then I never do! Do you do that too? Well why not follow through by starting with this simple, minimal snowman ornament....more