Labor DayNews: Palin's 17-year-old Daughter Pregnant...Discuss /palin-confirms-daughters-pregnancy-915378.html Between Katrina II, Veep Candidate Fey...err... Palin and now this on Labor Day...the Goddess of Irony is on a roll. I still haven't picked up my jaw from last week. ...more

What part of 'discuss' implies anything? But since you asked, let's throw it down: ...more

Is The Current Greatest Threat to our Economy and Freedom of Expression: Comcast???

Barack Obama's campaign has been such an immense grassroots success--not just because of the inspiring rhetoric and charisma of it's candidate, but because of the internet. ...more

Geraldine Ferraro: What Hillary's Women Want

Set aside the misunderstood gaffe earlier this year and the fact that she's sequestered to Fox News. Geraldine Ferraro is a national treasure. If all you know of her is her slip up earlier this year, please read her about her amazing battle with cancer--and how her fight to make cancer treament affordable for all! ...more

but to separate the CE content from the masses...kind of buries this silly stuff from being read ...more

And the Winner is: You (Tube)

CNN's landmark -- and it IS landmark -- partnership with You Tube during Monday night's Democratic debate marks a bittersweet turn in the history of User Generated Content. First, we experienced real democracy in action for the first time in eight years as more than 50 Americans (from a field of about 3000 submissions) were permitted to ask the Democratic candidates fresh, direct and intriguing questions. But what did we really learn? Mike Gravel: Is mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore. At least someone isn't Chris Dodd: ...more


Hello. I enjoyed your comments on the YouTube debates. Do you really ...more

Are You a Terrorist Threat? Josh Kinberg Didn’t Think So.

Josh Kinberg is about as harmful as too much sugar at a birthday party. Turns out his intelligence and knack for performance art qualify him a possible terrorist threat. In the summer of 2004, Josh was a grad student at Parsons in New York. Anticipating the upcoming Republican National Convention, Josh and his group Bikes Against Bush hit the road. He wired up a bike with a laptop, cell phone, tubes and powered chalk. He then used it to spray messages emailed to the laptop from people around the country on the streets of New York. ...more

Anti-Republican convention protesters in Philly experienced the same kind of harassment and ...more

On Monsters, Maple Street and the Blogosphere

As a historically low-key observer to this community, I have marveled for years at the blogosphere's relative harmony. Yet the cyber assault on Kathy Sierra, and the subsequent bickering among accused enablers is becoming equally concerning. ...more


Everyone needs to take a deep breath and count to ...more

The Morning After: Those Big Political Questions

What's the biggest bamboozler to come from the Lieberman/Lamont/McKinney results??? Is Viral Video is a more deadly contagion than Bird Flu? Slate's Slate's John Dickerson tackles it here. ...more

How Nice of the United States Senate To Require a Victim of Incest to...

get her assailant's permission first before seeking an abortion if she's a minor. The people of Mississippi must feel very relieved to know that the options for women receiving family planning has become EVEN MORE DIFFICULT. ...more

Thanks for the post. The US is getting scarier every day. It makes me really sad how far we ...more

The Good Doctor and the Middle East

Condoleeza Rice's call for an 'urgent and enduring peace' in the Middle East has many now asking two questions as Israel and Hezbollah succeed at tearing Lebanon apart: Why now? and Why Not Then? ...more

"These children believe Israel and the United States are trying to kill them. They ...more

Voices--and Solutions--From and Of Lebanon

Mainstream Media for days, weeks, and perhaps years, to come, will emphasize the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict as an Arab problem—and one that the Arabs alone can solve. But let's be honest: What do we as Americans really know of the situation from the Arab point of view?Here, without appointing blame, are some insights, and even solutions, from those in and of the Arab World. ...more