Moving Realities.


How to sell your house. In 4 days.

Write a letter like this and leave it on your counter ....more

This post is brought to you by the letter F.

F is for FIFTY.  Fifty years old.It's coming and I feel it. But also, F is for Fabulous.  ...more


We've all done it- once or twice. Picked up a new routine, made a few resolutions or promises.Sometimes those new choices hung around for good, becoming a part of who we are today-  but most of the time- if we're going to be honest, those radical changes in our lifestyles barely lasted a month, if we were lucky.Here in the first month of a new year, I see it all the more. The gym is packed even in off hours and ...more

I discouraged a teaching career and took heat on Facebook.

It's supposed to be a place where you can say what you feel. After all, it's your Facebook page, your opinion. In this case, it was the exact words of a conversation I had with my 14 year old the night before the tragic Connecticut shootings ....more

This Week's Crazy Ideas. In case you need one.

After seeing two story ideas come to reality on big screen and TV, my old exercise routine become a popular fad, and the local kids revamp my fashion style of the 70's and 80's, I am once again convinced my ideas don't suck. So here's some more. Remember, you heard it here first ....more

Words From The Wise

 We all need to hear it. Some more than others—way more than others. Take one and pass it on. "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."—Socrates ...more

Tired of the Presidential campaign? Want to vote online, like they do in Estonia?

  From 2008 article: Doing Democracy Right ...more

Cheap Beauty Secrets


Well, Guess I'm French Then

 Here's Phase 1 of the I AM NOW OLD posts. A recent thorough physical with blood work at the doctor's office left me a bit concerned after the techs contacted me advising me that I  had A. a urinary tract infection (symptomless) B. a high bilirubin count Of course, I Googled all the possibilites and was certain I would die from some rare and magical disease that reversed all effects of aging, and left the corpse with humungous breasts . ...more