Another Side Effect of the Recession: Bulging Waistlines?

Do you ever wonder if the media tries to find a way to connect everything to how overweight we are?  The latest sign of the coming obesity apocalypse: the recession. That's right.  As our wallets get emptier, we start cutting back on produce purchases and replacing them with cheaper, more calorie-dense, processed foods.   ...more

Nice or Mean: Either Way, Women Finish Last

This article over at Alternet adds to the long list of evidence that no matter what women do in the workplace, we can't win.  We're too nice, so we don't promote ourselves, causing us to lose out on promotions.  But, when we are more aggressive, we're percieved as pushy bitches.  The double standard lives on, but what can we do about it? I found this particularly interesting: ...more

I agree that Women have it tougher than Men in the workplace.  Usually, succeeful women are ...more

Breaking the Cycle of "Habitual Splurges"

Much has been said (including by yours truly) about how no one bats an eye anymore about the "little luxuries" in life (the $5 coffee, the $20 manicures, the $10 salad for lunch, etc.) - the things we don't really need, but have all grown so accustomed to these things that they no longer seem like luxuries.  We all think we need these things, our lives are so hectic and crazy that our coffee fix (or whatever your expensive vice of choice is) is the only thing that gets us through the day.  ...more