Hump Day Haiku: Good Strong Words

Today’s haiku was inspired by my favorite quote from Jo in Little Women, in honor of Louisa May Alcott’s 184th birthday yesterday. I like good strong words. Words with purpose and meaning That stick to your soul ....more

Philanthropy Friday: #BlackFriday Gifts That Give Back

I’m not one to actually shop on Black Friday. I tried it once, and I immediately regretted it. I was up far too early and people were lined up around the block waiting to get into the stores ....more

Hump Day Haiku: Thankful

Thankful for my boys. Grateful for love in my life and second chances. #humpdayhaiku What are you thankful for this year? ...more

Philanthropy Friday: #GiveaShit on World Toilet Day

Tomorrow, November 19th, is World Toilet Day. Do you give a shit? You should ....more

On World Moms Network: The Power of Everyday Kindness

My latest post on World Moms Network is all about the power of everyday kindness. Giving – and kindness, as a form of giving – has been on my brain lately. Partly because we are heading into what’s known as the giving season in America, but also because of the raw emotion that remains after......more

Hump Day Haiku: Pushed Into Action

Pushed into action. The most difficult events bring the biggest change. #humpdayhaiku Who’s got a haiku for me today? ...more

Post-Election 2016: Think Positive Thoughts and Be Kind

“Think positive thoughts and be kind.” These were my parting words for...more

Hump Day Haiku: We Will Persevere

A historic day Marked with both pride and some fear We will persevere #humpdayhaiku What was your reaction to the election? Answer in the form of haiku (5 – 7 – 5 syllables) ...more

Hump Day Haiku: Happy Halloween

We live in a neighborhood where kids get dropped off to trick-or-treat for the night, and the houses all run out of candy by the end of it. Though we gave out about 350 pieces of candy (and ran out quickly), my kids came back with plenty more. Ghosts, ghouls and witches Cars lining the......more

Hump Day Haiku: Something Has to Give

when life if too much pulled in every direction something has to give #humpdayhaiku As per usual, bonus points for a comment in the form of a haiku (5 – 7 – 5 syllables) ....more