Hump Day Haiku: Escaped From Reality

Staring at the stars Escaped from reality Lost in profound thought #humpdayhaiku What’s on your mind today?...more

Philanthropy Friday: Making the Most Impact with Your In-Kind Donations

As a director of development, I spend a good portion of my days talking with donors or potential donors about what my organization wants, needs and /or accepts for in-kind donations. These are the donations of goods or services and not money. In my book, Simple Giving: Easy Ways to Give Every Day, I talk......more

Hump Day Haiku: How is your heart doing?

This week’s haiku is inspired by an article by Omid Safi on On Being about the “disease” of being busy. We’ve all heard the excuse and probably have made it ourselves at some point. We’re just too busy to connect ....more

Philanthropy Friday: Introducing Roost Crate

Roost Crate is a brand new subscription box that delivers farmers market finds to your door each month. It is the brainchild of my friend and fellow world changer, Kelly Pugliano. Kelly is also the author of the very popular food blog...more

Hump Day Haiku: Nonprofit Wish List

Today’s hump day haiku submission is for my fellow nonprofit unicorns. They feel my pain and frustration when it comes to the grant writing process. In case you were wondering what is really on the wish list of a director of development at a nonprofit, here’s a simple haiku ....more

Philanthropy Friday: Honoring Elie Wiesel and Interfering

Editor’s note: I wrote and scheduled this post prior to the Alton Sterling shooting. The text and quote I pulled for today’s image is eerily appropriate to end this emotional week. I hope you will read and share if you feel so compelled ....more

Hump Day Haiku: Love is an Action

Love is an action Until it is no longer Careful what you say #humpdayhaiku Bonus points for comments in the form of haiku (5 – 7 – 5 syllables)! ...more

Philanthropy Friday: Inspiration from an Elevator Interaction

I had a couple of posts in mind for today, but then my friend posted the following video from Upworthy. When I saw it, I knew I had to share it here. The...more

Hump Day Haiku: Piercing Beauty

Delicate yet bold She was struck by the beauty Though it pierced her so #humpdayhaiku As per usual, bonus points if you comment in the form of haiku ....more