Wordless Wednesday: Washing Away Winter

Comments Such a cool angle. And isn't that just the best? To watch .. ....more

My First Post As a Contributor to HuffPost Divorce

My first post as a contributor to HuffPost Divorce published last week. It was a post I had written back in August when my divorce was finalized. A good place to start, I suppose ....more

Philanthropy Friday: ONE Launches #PovertyIsSexist Campaign to improve the lives of women worldwide

The following post was originally published on ThirdEyeMom and was...more

Wordless Wednesday: When Your Kindergartener Learns Your Computer Password

Comments haha!! What a smart kid. And hilarious too ....more

When Your Brain Never Stops

I’m one of those people whose brain works much faster than anything else. This includes my speech and my writing. When I think of something, I almost immediately have to act on it ....more

Philanthropy Friday: Raising Student Awareness About Energy Poverty

You have to endure some pretty cold weather and a decent amount of snow when you live in Maine. Once it starts to get cold, the days quickly become shorter and shorter. For a period of time, it feels like you are bringing the kids to school and picking them up in the dark ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Life Advice from Dr. Seuss

I’ve been on a quote kick lately on Wednesdays. I’ve share some great quotes on love and goal crushing. Today, in honor of Dr ....more

Philanthropy Friday: Take a Survey on Simple Giving in Jeans

Each Friday since October of 2011, this space is dedicated to stories that illustrate simple ways to incorporate giving into everyday life. My Philanthropy Fridays series has led me on my own philanthropic journey that has included a giving pledge, a trip to Nicaragua, the launch of Simple Giving Lab and much, much more. It has been an amazing experience that continues every single day ....more