Philanthropy Friday: It’s Time to Talk About Menstruation

I’m going to challenge you today to talk about a subject that isn’t mentioned a whole lot in everyday conversation. Menstruation. When’s the last time you’ve had any real conversation about menstruation, if ever? ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Biz’s Alligator

My boys spent some time with their dad, grandfather and great grandfather – along with other family members – in Florida during Father’s Day weekend. I was texted the following photo. See the lure by the alligator’s open mouth? ...more

On World Moms Blog: The Story Behind Simple Giving

I’m on World Moms Blog...more

Philanthropy Friday: Celebrating 1,000 Grants with The Visionary Award

I wrote about The Pollination Project...more

Wordless Wednesday: Multitasking at the Beach #SimpleGiving

What happens when it’s a beautiful Sunday and you only have two more days to...more

Philanthropy Friday: Doing the KIND Thing for Success in Business and in Life

Disclosure: I received a copy of Do the KIND Thing to aid in the writing of this post. I’m also a big fan of KIND as a company and of their yummy bars. I wrote about KIND...more

Promises to Children and Silver Linings After Divorce

I was recently quoted in a couple of articles that were published on HuffPost Divorce and Huffpost Life Handbook. I share these posts to show other women (and men) that they are not alone. That they aren’t the only ones struggling with the roller coaster of emotions that come with divorce, especially with children ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Making the Best of Everything

I shared this quote on my personal Facebook page the other day and thought it would be worth sharing here. Judging from the likes it received from friends and people I don’t know, it resonated well. Making the best of whatever life throws your way is something I am embracing wholly and trying to teach......more

Philanthropy Friday: “I can make a difference in the world.”

This following article is a guest post from my friend Max. Max is a 7-year-old simple giver whom I met while volunteering at the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program. I asked him to share with you what inspired him to...more

Wordless Wednesday: Lacrosse Tournament Fun

G had a lacrosse tournament on Saturday. Three games over the course of 8 hours. It was a long day, but we had a ton of fun ....more