Philanthropy Friday: The Kindness Generator

Random Acts of Kindness Week is coming up on February 14th. I’m a big proponent of acts of kindness. It’s the first of the six giving models I talk about in my book, Simple Giving: Easy Ways to Give Every Day ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Legs in the Air

Because how else does a 7-year-old sit on a couch? ...more

A new love defined #haiku

Strength, love and philanthropy have become the theme of this blog as of late. Fitting as we start February. Pink puffy hearts and thoughts of “love” abound ....more

Philanthropy Friday: Help Reverse Climate Change With Retree was started as a family project as a simple way for ordinary people to make an impact, one tree at a time. The goal of is very simple – to plant 1 million trees every year. While we may not be able to personally plant trees around the world, we can still make......more

Wordless Wednesday: Neck and Neck

This was an oops picture, but I kind of like it. It shows my 7-year-old and his buddy neck and neck racing...more

On HuffPost Divorce: 18 Damn Good Reasons to Embrace Being Single

I like being single. After nearly 20 years of being in a relationship with one person, it’s nice to have some me time. I don’t quite understand how people can end a serious, committed relationship and jump right into another one ....more

Philanthropy Friday: WaterAid America’s Sarina Prabasi is a Woman of Influence

If you follow me, you know I am a big supporter of WaterAid America. I’ve written about their work. I’ve donated to them ....more

Wordless Wednesday: #Love Without Limits #Haiku

No longer willing To compromise her true self Love without limits ...more

1MT Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb for Peace #1MTforPeace

I have some pretty amazing friends. They give in big ways, though it might not always be obvious. Some are a quiet presence of love and support ....more

Philanthropy Friday: RawSpiceBar