Hump Day Haiku: Whole Again

Though your words still hurt It’s only temporary I am whole again #humpdayhaiku Make my day and leave a comment in the form of a haiku (5 – 7 – 5 syllables) ...more

Philanthropy Friday: A Little Good to End the Week

I wasn’t going to post something today because I am on vacation this week – very likely making the long trek back to Maine from Nova Scotia as you read this – but I always post a little bit of good on Friday. My Philanthropy Friday series has been going strong since 2011. I didn’t......more

On World Moms Network: Recharging and Reconnecting with Yourself #SIB4

I was going to post a haiku today, as I usually do on Wednesdays, but I realized that my latest post on World Moms Network (formerly World Moms Blog) went live yesterday. I wrote it while still in a haze after a most amazing weekend with 45 other women. (See last week’s haiku regarding the......more

Philanthropy Friday (rewind & update): Shabby Apple

I have so many posts on this blog, it’s fun to pull old ones up and see how relevant they still are. For today’s Philanthropy Friday, I thought I’d share one from four years ago and add a few updates. Because you know things have changed since 2012....more

Hump Day Haiku: Complete Exhaustion

In case you are wondering how I’m feeling after an amazing weekend with 45 other women, here’s a haiku. Complete exhaustion When your brain can’t quite function Totally worth it #humpdayhaiku How was your weekend? Bonus points for comments in the form of haiku ....more

Philanthropy Friday: Creating Unity

I have my Strong is Beautiful wellness weekend starting tonight (more on that next week, more than likely on World Moms Network...more

Hump Day Haiku: Rejuvenated

“And this is what I learned:...more

Philanthropy Friday: An Update on the Sustainable Development Goals #globalgoals

I’ve talked a bit about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development in past blog posts. The aim with these lofty global goals is to...more

Hump Day Haiku: Escaped From Reality

Staring at the stars Escaped from reality Lost in profound thought #humpdayhaiku What’s on your mind today?...more