Philanthropy Friday (rewind/update): Gardener’s Supply Company

Since it’s almost time to start planting here in Maine,...more

Wordless Wednesday: First Beach Day of 2015

It was chilly, but we got our first beach day of 2015 in the books! ...more

Divorce Care Packages, No-Nonsense Quotes and Haikus

HuffPost Divorce recently asked me to be a part of their Divorce Care Package series. They asked me various questions about the things that got me through divorce – songs, movies, splurges, quotes, etc. The hope, of course, is that by sharing these experiences we can help those that are...more

Philanthropy Friday: Making A Bigger Impact With Your Business

I’ve been burning the midnight oil in the Writing Lab...more

Wordless Wednesday (with linky): Snorkeling in a Hot Tub

Have you ever snorkeled in a hot tub before? ...more

On HuffPost Divorce: Making It to the Other Side of Divorce

My latest contribution to HuffPost Divorce was published last week. It was adapted from a post I wrote here after I moved out of my house and changing my name last summer. Here’s a small excerpt: I managed to move our stuff out of a 3,300+ square foot house and into a much more manageable......more

Philanthropy Friday: 40 Days of Giving at WolfPack Fitness

I recently wrote about the amazing World Water Day experience...more

Wordless Wednesday: Floating Wienermobile in the Bathroom

This photo was found on my phone. It’s the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile floating in our bathroom. That’s normal, right? ...more

Share a Meltdown Photo and Win a Keurig 2.0!

My fellow co-authors of the book...more