A Story: Postulating Moral Possibilities

Judy walked along the well traveled streets taking in the vast array of merchandise on display at the market. Large succulent peaches caught her eye and she neared the produce vendor. The sweet aroma of fresh juicy peaches filled her delicate nostrils.   “How much for these,” she asked pointing to the desired fruit.   “Four dollars a pound,” retorted the gruff voice of the vendor. ...more

The Realtiy of Goodness

God is good. For God, to be God, He has to be eternally good. He can’t change back and forth from bad to good because that would make Him less than perfect. And if He is not eternally perfect, He is less than God, and not God at all.   All of humanity, granting a few exceptions, despite our failures, adheres to a standard of goodness versus badness. No one, in his right mind, sets up evil as the preferable standard of living. ...more

Thank you for sharing your experience. That's awesome you found Jesus again. I encounter a lot ...more

Supernatural: Jesus Must Be My Standard

I work on the fourth floor of an office building with old elevators in continual need ...more

Pluralistic Possibilities?

It appears to be a predominate way of thinking to denounce any truth claim that purports to be the only truth.  The preponderance of pluralistic possibilities tends to lead to the simultaneous acceptance of contradictory truth claims. Or by chance a person does adhere to one truth claim and not to others they feel it to be arrogant to assume that the others are not true.  The common adage presents itself in a new twist, “that it may be true for you, but not for me” or rather in the new ...more

I agree. We should not be afraid to speak our truth and talk about the lord. As christians we ...more