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Why you should eat beans to curb a pizza craving (and nuts for chocolate… !)

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Beauty DIY: How to get rid of bad breath, once and for all

Few things kill a conversation, a kiss or a cuddle more than bad breath (known as halitosis in medical circles). And yet, there are just so many mouth fresheners you can swish or gums you can chew before your mouth becomes dry and cottony, and your taste buds commit suicide. Not to mention the fact that these breath freshening quick fixes are temporary and seem to let you down at just that most crucial moment ....more

Beauty DIY: The easiest way to fix dry, itchy winter skin

Much as I love winter, it also brings along dry and itchy skin that looks bad and feels awful. Then last winter, I was introduced to this terrifically hydrating body glaze by one of my Polish friends and it has made all the difference! Seriously, my skin has never looked this soft and supple at any point in the year, leave alone winter ....more

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