Brand new

Hi, I'm Anyabeth.  I've been blogging or at least writing on the internet for five years.  I am really excited about being new to BlogHer.   I'd love it if you checked out my site at ...more


Enjoyed my visit to your Blog tonite. I'll be back. (Heh)

I'm new to Blogher ...more

Prematurely Neurotic

I never wanted a daughter.  It makes me feel horrible to see that typed out so baldly but it is absolutely true.  I always imagined myself with a son even though I have no brothers and really know experience with little boys.  Daughters seemed complicated. But my daughter is here and even though she is still a tiny baby it is indeed complicated.  I project all of my own issues onto her, I obsess about the message I am sending her even now, I am struggling to become who I want her to become even though that isn't really possible. ...more