Spring Cleaning and Getting Organized

Every Spring I get motivated to do a bit of extra Spring cleaning and do some kind of organizing project. It seems there is always something that needs to be organized! ...more

No Sew Bunting Flag for Valentine's Day

A few years ago I made this simple no sew bunting flag for Valentine's Day and it's so easy that I thought I would share it with you again....more

Life Unexpected... Explained

Here we are weeks into 2015 and I am posting my first blog post of the year. A few have wondered where I have been. For the past 7 months our lives have been spent between two homes, two locations ....more

Adorable Christmas Table for the Kids I co

Yesterday I decided I wanted to do something fun for the kids at their Christmas Table. I had some vinyl chalkboard contact paper and a large thin piece of fiberboard (smooth finish). I first covered the kids table with brown butcher wrapping paper, Then I covered the thin fiber board with the self adhesive chalkboard paper ....more

Post Card Christmas Tree Craft

We are currently living back and forth between two different homes. I have done some Christmas decorating at each place.. but with so much traveling and packing to go back and forth I've been horrible at photographing and sharing this years decorations....more

Holiday Photo Wall - The Perfect Collage

How gorgeous is this Winter inspired Holiday photo wall. I love the contrast of the dark grey chalkboard like wall with the black and white photos and the pops of red! I wish I could take credit for it, but I found this beauty during a visit to Pottery Barn ....more

Come visit "The Vintage Marketplace" Starting this Friday Dec. 5th

The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks in Rainbow (Fallbrook, California) is being held this coming weekend... It will be from Friday, December 5th though Sunday, December 7th. See the flyer below for the address and full details ....more

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! Diana I love your comments and I read each and every one ....more

Cranberry Pear Recipe - Great for Holiday Entertaining

Our family has always loved cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving. We used to just open a can, slice it and that was it. However, one year my mom made cranberry pears and we all loved it so much that now it makes a regular appearance each Thanksgiving! ...more

Holiday Entertaining Made Simple - Crock Pot Thanksgiving

Last Thanksgiving I decided I wanted to make the our Thanksgiving...more