Back to School with Boden & $250 Giveaway!

There's just something about Back to School shopping that makes it way more fun than any other kind of shopping out there. Whether it was for a new Trapper Keeper (yes, I went there!) or the much deliberated over First Day of School Outfit, I loved this time of year and always looked forward to it. Now I get to share that excitement with my boys and believe me, it's just as exciting- if not more! ...more

Monkeying Around With Bright Starts™ :: Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are a special breed. They're bursting with energy and curiosity as they spend...more

The Perfect Movie Night Treat!

I cannot remember the last time we sat in a movie theater and watched a movie. Actually, scratch that. I can remember, I'm just too ashamed to admit it ....more

Monkeying Around With Bright Starts™ :: Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are a special breed. They're bursting with energy and curiosity as they spend much of their time embracing both cognitive and imaginative play. Becoming increasingly more mobile with each passing day, they require toys and activities that engage not only their minds but also their busily moving bodies. ...more

#DocumentingLifeChallenge, A Fun Instagram Photo Challenge!

It's no secret that I love taking pictures, and not just pictures, but pictures of my kids. As moms, we know all too well how fleeting the moments are and how quickly children grow up. We struggle on the daily to capture them as they are before they get their first tooth, before they grow taller, before they stop saying their L's as W's....more

Not Tonight Honey.

I had a Red Bull and two Madeline cookies for lunch today if you've been wondering how life with three under four is going. With a near nineteen pound three month old, you'd think I'd be skinnier than I am and my arms (well, at least my right arm) more toned than they currently are. I'm here to tell you that neither is the case ....more

That Place, That Place Will Always Be Home To Me...

I crawled into bed, although different than the one I slept in as a little girl, in the very same corner of the very same room in the very same house I grew up in and at one point, I squinted through the darkness to see all three of my boys asleep in the very same space....more

The Cleanest, Friendliest Amusement Park There Ever Was.

Last weekend and on a whim, friends of ours asked us if we'd be willing to make the hour forty-five minute trek up to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to spend the day with them at Dutch Wonderland, a 48-acre amusement park that caters primarily to families with small children....more

Birth Announcements + $100 Custom Stationery Giveaway!

I'm a relatively brand loyal consumer. That is to say that once I find a brand I love, you can bet I stick with it for years to come. This applies to many facets of my life, especially custom stationery, prints and, specifically birth announcements ....more