Year-Round Butterfly Fun at Hershey Gardens

Before you even say it, I know what you're thinking- "butterflies and small humans don't mix, AP!" and while I definitely had reservations bringing all three of the boys into the Butterfly Atrium at Hershey Gardens, in retrospect it was an outing I'm so glad we took advantage of and one that the boys still talk about today, more than two months after our visit....more

On Selling Our House When You Have Kids. Who Live There. All of the Time.

Well, we survived the first three days with our house on the market. For those of you who seemed rather shocked at this decision, Mr. AP and I have been mulling the decision to sell our first home over and over again in our heads for at least the last year, most recently becoming serious about it within the last several months ....more

Mad For Plaid // Moms Do Fall Fashion // Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway!

You guys. It has been raining for three straight days here and I can feel my sanity slowly slipping away. Because of the weather, the big boys haven't been going outside for recess much which means they're in rare form when I pick them up from school each day ....more

Easy Photo Books for Kids (Perfect for Vacations and Show-And-Tell!)

We've had some pretty great summers these last couple of years. The summer of 2015, hands down, was probably one of the best summers I'll ever have in my life and while there was nothing outwardly phenomenal about it, it was chock full of family moments and memories that I can't help but think back on and smile from ear to ear. It was just so good....more

What No One Tells You About The First Week Back to School.

If you're at all privy to social media during the start of a new school year then it's no secret that your feeds are full of "first day" pictures. From the second week of August (a nod to all of my Southern friends) to the first week of September, my feed was chock full of happy, smiley-faced kiddos with sheer joy radiating out of their ears, all holding the same or similar signs denoting what grade they would be entering and who wanted to be a fairy princess, fireman or dinosaur when they grow up....more

Building A Backyard Play Set: One Dad's Perspective

Immediately after we tell someone that we just added a backyard swing set to our repertoire of "Things Parents Do For Their Kids," we're always met with the same question: "How bad was it, really, to put together?" While I did lend a hand here and there, the brunt of the assembly work was done by my husband with the occasional help from one of his brothers. That said, I figured the best way to give you a true perspective on the whole assembly process would be to sit him down for a little interview, you know, once the feeling returned to his fingers and he'd mostly forgotten how grueling the entire process was. 1. How long did it take you to assemble the set, The Charleston model, from Big Backyard Play and how many helpers would you suggest to have on-hand?"Between battling poor, wet weather conditions in late June and then stifling hot days the following month, it probably took several weekend days to put this set together ....more

To My Big Boys On Their First Day Of School

This is going to be a hard one for Mommy, so bear with me- okay? It feels like all of our years at home together have been practice for this very moment and yet, it feels like just yesterday that we met each other for the very first time. Each of us completely overwhelmed by our surroundings, neither of us with any idea what to do in that very first moment but cry and hold onto each other for dear life ....more

Play Panda Pop With Me And We Can Both Ignore Our Kids + Pop Pandas!

Oh my God, I'm almost too ashamed to be writing this post but I recently stumbled on a brand new mobile game that has me deleting all other games from my mobile device. Okay, the truth is I only had that candy game and the dot game on there but it's been days since I've played either because I've been spending all of my wasted time and generous brain cells on Panda Pop....more

Shop Back To School Shoes + Give Back, Too // Stride Rite Joins Soles4Souls

As moms and dads all across the country prepare their little ones to head back to school for an exciting year ahead, millions of children all across the world are not only unable to attend school but also more susceptible to illnesses because they don't have access to adequate shoes. Once again, Stride Rite has teamed up with their longtime non-profile partner,...more

This Is What Extended Nursing Looks Like.

It wasn't until I sat down to write this post that I realized just how much (or how little, depending on how you look at it) I've written about my adventures in breastfeeding my three boys....more