My Kids Make Me Bald But the Margaritas Were Worth It.

Last we heard, I was in the process of outsourcing just about every conceivable domestic and motherly responsibility, shy of changing my kids' diapers, so that I could spend my days pretending like I didn't have a husband or children. Or so the Internets thought....more

On Turning 31, Fall Premiere Week and Making Out With Gwen Stefani.

I've thought of nearly 7 blog posts to write about in the last couple of weeks. Really funny ones, too. The kind of posts that celebrate the best and worst parts of motherhood but as I'm sitting here typing this, I'm realizing that I don't have time like I used to have to write....more

3 Baby/Toddler Products I Wish I Knew About When I Had My First Baby.

That might be a bit dramatic. Does my life depend on the following three baby/child products? No ....more

Mommy Wars: Caused By Ill-Fitting Bras?

After having three babies in four years, I think I can finally narrow down the root cause of the Mommy Wars: ill-fitting bras. And, if by the end of this short essay you don't believe so too, then at least let's agree that ill fitting bras are undoubtedly the cause of RTF or Resting Bitch Face....more

Our Family Business Trip. I Mean, Vacation.

"Mom!... Hey, Mom! Mom, look!"...more

The Last Little Baby.

As I stood there, in that moment, I silently pleaded with time, begging her to stand still. I did this because I know too well that in a year's time, in even two month's time, I will have mostly forgotten this season of our life together, most definitely this ordinary Tuesday evening. That even though the days are achingly full with a messy conglomeration of mundane and amazing, that even though they feel long, these days are rushing by ....more

Don't Let Your Kids Lose Their Cool...

Summer is well underway which means that family trips to the local watering hole, whether it’s the beach or the pool, are a plenty....more

Whole30: Yes, You Can Do It.

Last month I decided to challenge myself to the Whole30. It was something I had seen being thrown around The Internets and after a long week of feeling particularly sorry about myself three months postpartum, I decided to give it a try. I was so impressed with the stories of other Whole30'ers that I was determined to challenge myself and see what the "program" could do for me ....more

Back to School with Boden & $250 Giveaway!

There's just something about Back to School shopping that makes it way more fun than any other kind of shopping out there. Whether it was for a new Trapper Keeper (yes, I went there!) or the much deliberated over First Day of School Outfit, I loved this time of year and always looked forward to it. Now I get to share that excitement with my boys and believe me, it's just as exciting- if not more! ...more

Monkeying Around With Bright Starts™ :: Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are a special breed. They're bursting with energy and curiosity as they spend...more