How To Choose A Backyard Play Set: 5 Helpful Hints

This post is not to be confused with my next post, "How to Assemble a Backyard Play Set in 5,487 Easy Steps!"* Growing up, our backyard swing set was a staple of my childhood. With its trapeze, double swings, swinging bench seat and aluminum slide, it was the best playground in our neighborhood and the place where all of my friends loved to congregate. When my dad started wax papering the slide to boost maximum...more

How To At Hersheypark: Visiting With Your Little Ones + A Four Ticket Giveaway!

This post is the first in a three part series highlighting our latest visit to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Earlier this year I was selected as a Sweetest Moms Ambassador which means I get to indulge in certain perks at the park such as free...more

5 Easy Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe In Crowded Places

Back when I had only one child, I didn't have this constant fear that I would lose him in a crowded public setting- probably because I was a major hover-er. When my second was born two years later, a child known for his spontaneity and wandering ways, I still never lost sleep over the fact that I could lose one or both of them in a crowded public setting, mostly because while one was on foot, the other was always (ALWAYS) strapped into a stroller making it relatively easy to keep tabs on them. Now that I'm a mom to three full-fledged, independence-seeking children and I have more children to worry about than hands to hold them with, I worry every single day that one of them will wander off, that someone will snatch one up, that one of them will fall behind and get lost in a crowd ....more

I'll Never Host Another Birthday Party In My Home Again.

"I'll never throw my kids another birthday party in my home ever again." I say this every year and every year I end up throwing a joint themed birthday party for the big boys in our home. I lie to myself and say things like "I'll keep it small" and "I won't go crazy," or "I'll only have to straighten up the night before, everyone will spend most of the time out in the yard anyway!" yet time and time again, the week of the party arrives and there I am, scrambling like a crazy person to redecorate and rearrange rooms (seriously, what the hell?), ordering last minute party supplies and paying extra to have them shipped overnight (because what if XYZ isn't enough?) and frantically wiping down baseboards, cleaning every nook and cranny of our home. What's worse is that recently my husband even entertained the idea of painting over all of the crayon scribbles on the walls throughout our house- a task that would've required us to remember the names of at least four paint colors used throughout our house- the night before the party ....more

3 Easy Beach Hacks for Busy Moms (and Kids!)

This sponsored post is brought to you by my love for the beach and my children,...more

When Moms of All Boys Are Clueless - Making Memorable Father/Son Moments with Gillette Mach3 SE

This sponsored post celebrates the special father-son relationship and...more

3 Great Reasons To Hire A Summer Sitter

Today I'm sharing how we use Luvs in our life as part of a...more

Failing Whole 30 Taught Me A Valuable Life Lesson.

Here's me, today. Literally today, on my middle son's fourth birthday. We had just returned from a delicious summer lunch of hot dogs and pasta salad, a lunch that was had mere hours after we snuck a celebratory Munchkin or two for breakfast ....more

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words And There's An App For That.

I take a lot of pictures. No, really. A lot ....more

Coffee Confessions (Spoiler Alert: I'm a Mess Without My Morning Cuppa!)

I wasn't always a coffee drinker. Hard to believe considering my now two-a-day habit, right? While I'd like to blame my caffeine addiction entirely on my children, the truth is it's probably a combination of getting older (cringe) and being in charge of raising tiny humans....more