Inconvenient Truths: Accepting Your Parent's Immortality

There comes a time in every life when cold steely eyes, at the end of a tunnel you never thought you’d have to walk through, are winking at you, and you’re speechless- unless you’re like me, then you write a blog post, because you can, because you need to.  ...more

10 Tips for Choosing an Adult Halloween Costume

Yes, it’s THAT time of year again: The Season of the Witch, All Hallow’s Eve, Trick or Treat, the Night of Mischief and, most definitely (my eyes are bleeding), really age-inappropriate costumes.  ...more

Dear America, I Am EBOLA

Dear America,  I am Ebola. I’d like to introduce myself.  I am an ancient virus. I have lived a million life times.   I was birthed in the primordial ooze of a forming living planet. ...more

Why PASSION can be a Mis-Direct

How many times have you heard ‘Follow Your Passion’? And, how many times have you thought, even felt, like somehow, you’re ‘Passion’ must be hiding behind that big stack of unpaid bills?  How many times have you been advised to ‘Find what you’re passionate about and do THAT’? ...more

From BLAH to BEAUTIFUL: 10 Tips For Turning Your Kid's 1st Apartment Into Something Special

Once Upon A Time, I pushed two bowling balls out of a garden hose. ...more

How To Adopt a Kid Without Signing Papers

Several of you asked, "What's the story behind your kid who doesn't look anything like the rest of you?" I made a phone call, asked permission, and am now laying it all out there. The short answer to the question "How To Adopt a Child Without Going to Court" is by omission: When the birth parent doesn't give a shit. Simple enough? ...more
If there weren't people like you in the world, ready to stand up for injustice and care for the ...more

BlogHer BlogMe BlogU

It is with tear-stained cheeks that I must announce that I will NOT be able to attend this year’s BlogHer14 in San Jose. ...more

The Minimalist Guide To A Good Marriage


How To Garden Even If Your Thumbs Are Dumb


7 Things Your Mother Needs To Hear you Say

When I was a child, my mother was the center of my universe.She seemed to alight from high, and softly land in all the right places.She never raised her voice, and never ever raised her hand....more