Buckeye Brownie Cookies

Share I’m sorry guys. I know this is mean. Flashing pictures of ridiculous cookies like these without much warning just isn’t fair ....more

Pics From the Weekend

Share Hi friends! I don’t have too many words for you guys today. I’m pretty exhausted after a busy weekend (two new recipes shot, a Christmas photo shoot for a family, studying, 8 hours of driving, etc), so this is going to be a picture-saturated weekend recap! ...more

Healthy Warm Cinnamon Apple Mess

Share Warm (pseudo) baked apples that are cooked in brown sugar until perfectly tender and bursting with cinnamon flavor? Gimme. Even better? ...more

Fluffy Greek Yogurt Biscuits

Share Is there anything better than a steamy-hot biscuit that’s straight out of the oven? Dab on a pat of butter and a drizzle (or river, #realtalk) of honey and you’re in comfort food H-E-A-V-E-N....more

Salted Caramel Lava Brownie Cake

Share Fudgy double chunk dark chocolate flavor with salted caramel swirls on top that stare deep into your soul? Yes please. I kid you not, this salted caramel lave brownie cake is richer than Bill Gates....more

Thinking Out Loud: Meet-Ups & Malevolent Toasters

Share Oh hai there, Thursday, you’re finally here! I’m pretty excited for this weekend since Kyle and I have some fun things planned. Let’s get on to some Thursday randomness hosted by the lovely Amanda! 1 ....more

WIAW: Busy Busy

Share Hi friends! Today’s WIAW is going to be short and sweet since it’s been a long day and my bed is looking pretty tempting at the moment. Breakfast: Made in a hurry since I was trying to catch up on as many blogs as possible before my 8 am ....more

Thinking Out Loud

Share Wowweee, this week has been busy. I meant to do a weekend recap in photos, but couldn’t find the time to put it together. My molecular genetics midterm was this Monday, so I amped up my studying for the few days before the exam with hours and hours of flashcards, textbook reading, practice questions, and drinking coffee ....more

Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Oatmeal

Share There aren’t many breakfasts that can make me swoon. Not many healthy ones in any case. Oatmeal? ...more