The Marathon

I ran the Chicago marathon....more

A Year of Change

I’m about to show you a pictures that I have only shared with my daughter, best friend, and husband because I know they will love me no matter how I look, smell, feel or act....more

The Latest on Coal Creek Farm

I was sitting on a decrepit wicker love seat that I bought at a garage sale many years ago when I took this photo....more

He Grew Up

I closed my eyes and he grew up. He became a young man when I wasn’t looking.His personality matches his stature. He started caring about clothes ....more

Because I’m Happy!

We spent part of our spring break in St. Louis....more

Clay and April’s Most Amazing Summer Ever!

Hello Friends, I apologize for the long recess I’ve taken from Coal Creek Farm....more

It is Well with My Soul

We have felt pain. We have feared loss. We have prayed ....more

It Makes Life More Beautiful

What kind of blogger tells you her husband has cancer and then disappears for over a month?...more

He will still run faster than me.

Clay and I are training for a half marathon in October. When we go for a run I’ll start first because I know he’ll pass me. He runs by and then I see him quickly pull ahead, his strides make two of mine ....more

The American Homeplace

I originally wrote this post in 2008. I got a spam comment on it today and couldn’t remember what I had written, so I re-read it and thought how timely it was. This week I’m taking our pork, veggies and other items made here on the farm to a farmer’s market. I’m a bit nervous taking this step, but if I fail I will continue to feed my family from this land that I love ....more