Get Your Body Back After Baby with Lindsay Brin

Having had three kids in the past 10 years I have always blamed my little stomach pooch on ‘three healthy babies’.  I didn’t think it was really possible to get it back to a flat and toned state, and thus had completely given up the idea.  But knowing exercise is important to overall health, I knew I wanted to include it as part of the Virtual Summer Camp for Moms event I was putting together….so I googled ‘fitness for moms’ and up popped a beautifully toned, young mom....more

Success Comes in The Unexpected Wave PLUS FREE E-BOOK

Monday, May 14th, 2012...more

What is an RFA?

When I was a child I was taught a song in Sunday School that went something like this:Jesus and others and youWhat a wonderful way to spell joyJesus and others and youin the life of each girl and each boy“J” is for Jesus for He has first place,“O” is for others you meet face to face,“Y” is for you, in whatever you do,Put your self third and spell JOY....more