Firm Convictions In Changing Circumstances

Firm Convictions In Changing Circumstances...more

What A Difference A Year Makes

What A Difference A Year Makes     What a difference a year makes!  July 3rd, last year, my dad had his stem cell transplant....more

The Ring

    It's not what you think.  Most girls dream about their proposal and wedding from as early as they know what a proposal and wedding are.  The ring I am talking about is what most boys dream about.  Especially high school boys.  Especially football players.  AND, their dads from the moment they know they are having a son. ...more

It's Not Okay

        I consider The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Real Housewives series, and many other reality shows guilty pleasures.  It is crazy to try to make sense of any of them.  I think sometimes we get maybe a glimpse of the full picture, but editing makes the show more fun.  We have to realize these are real people with real feelings, but nobody forced them to put themselves out there. ...more


  I don't jump on every popular bandwagon but when something grabs my attention a few times in a short period I take notice.  There is a movement going on right now called #banbossy....more

WEIRD, But No Coinkidinks

     I said a couple of posts ago I don't believe in coincidences, and I don't.  I don't know how you would spell it, but my sister calls them coinkidinks.  I think our God works in mysterious ways, not haphazardly.      The preacher who did the service for Donald (my relative that passed away last month) told an interesting story at the service.  He is my grandparents' preacher. They are my mom's parents and Donald was on my dad's side....more

Alright, Alright, Alright

I got this in an email today.NOAH'S ARK LESSONNoah's Ark:  Everything I needed to know, I learned from Noah's Ark.ONE:  Don't miss the boat....more

Let Me Be Clear

    I want to elaborate a little on what I wrote yesterday.  First of all, I don't feel like I have to take my blog in any certain direction anymore.  I normally write about what is on my mind at the time and that is what I enjoy and will continue to do.  The title of my blog makes it appear to be just about single motherhood, but it is my life as a single mom.  It is how I see things through the experiences I have had becoming and being a single mom.  I enjoy writing about different things and not being limited....more

This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made...

    I have taken a bit of a break from my blog.  I have been thinking about the direction I want to take with it.  I believe everything happens for a reason and I think everything I have gone through being a single mom happened for a reason.  There is something I am supposed to do with my experiences with just being a single mom and my miserable experiences with the court system.  I don't know what I am supposed to do with it, but I do know there was a purpose in everything me and my kids have been through....more

God Is So Good

    I haven't posted in a few days.  I have had something particular on my mind but couldn't post about it, until today that is.  I have such a strong faith and I completely rely on it.  I don't know how people make it in this world without it.  While I have been leaning on my faith heavily, I just haven't been able to "talk about" something. ...more