Give Em an Inch and They'll Take a Mile

So awhile back I had read that Mayor Bloomberg had wanted to pass a law banning restaurants, bars, etc of serving anything over 16oz or face a fine. Well today that just passed.While I am sure the intentions behind this new law are good I definitely feel the government is overstepping their boundaries. Yes I realize carbonated and alcoholic beverages are bad and can lead to obesity but at the same time YOU should be able to decide if you want to drink it NOT the government....more

Cottage Cheese Banana Pancakes

Yes...I know what you are thinking...sounds gross! Let me assure you 110% that they are completely awesome!...more
That looks really good! I may just try it today!more

Valentine's Day Gift for Dad

Awhile back when I first found out about Pinterest I found a really cute photo idea for my husband (DAD photo). He was deployed this past Christmas so I decided to do it for Valentine's Day from the girls. It is really easy to do at home and you don't even have to have a nice camera to do it with. I used my Canon Rebel XS EOS camera....more

Crockpot Chicken Tacos

For the longest time I was always unsure of how to cook with chicken. My husband has always been a red meat and potatoes kind of guy so I never really made anything with chicken. Well within in the past 2 years we have really started to eat more chicken so I have been trying to find easy no fail recipes for chicken and I found the grand winner!Crockpot chicken tacos is probably one of the easiest recipes I have made but it is SO good!...more

The Wall Says It All

Awhile back I saw a very cute poem on Pinterest that I wanted to use in Olivia's bedroom. I decieded to put the poem on a picture frame instead of stickers on the wall for two reasons. One, we are renting our house here since we still own one in Utah and I don't want to put stickers on a wall and then move in a year or two and then I have to take the stickers down and they would be worthless....more

DIY Picture Frames

So I went to Michael's yesterday (my official favorite non clothing store!) and took a look around at something fun to do. As I was walking around the wood crafts I found a cute 3 hanging picture that can be decorated and the idea came to me. Here are the supplies I used. Paint is optional if you want to paint the sides of the picture frames....more
I love this! I think I need to make a trip to Michael's it has been too long :)more

Don't You Ever Wish...

Don't you ever wish that you had your kids closer in age? I hear that ALL the time and I can honestly answer that question with a resounding no! I realize that everyone is different but to me having my kids any closer in age and I am pretty sure I would have lost my mind. Let me give you a little background on everything before I go on. ...more