3 passes needed

We're working on a sponsorship for the 3 editors of Bad Mommy Blogger but we need to be able to get the tickets. So if you're finding out that you can't go and need to get rid of your tickets, email me at admin@badmommyblogger.com   Thanks!!  ...more

Too Young to Be a Grandma

In just a few weeks, my oldest daughter will be a third generation teen mom. My own mother had me at 16. I had my daughter at 19. My daughter is now 18 and the baby will be here in a few weeks. I'll never forget the moment she called and told me. She was crying so hard, I couldn't even understand her. Even when she repeated it - "I'm pregnant...." - the words just didn't register in my brain. ...more

No matter what friends tell you, your situation will always only be yours.

I too became ...more