A Long Way to go...

Ok... update on life over here... with an apology for not posting regularly enough (I've been horrible about it.. ....more

A New Chapter: Just Another Attending's Wife

Well, he's done it. Hubby has completed his 10+ years of training and is now officially an "attending neurosurgeon".I met my husband back in college - almost 15 years ago. ...more

To Who Makes it all Matter

Happy Belated Father's Day to all of the fathers out there ...but especially to my own and to my kids' own! Daddy, you have have helped this "Just Another Doctor's Wife" life so much easier with your constant support and encouragement. Without your guidance, I'm not sure how we could have kept it all together. Beyond that, you are a source of love and light to my kiddos. They love you so much and their video chats with you give ...more

School's Out For Summer!!!

No more teachers, no more booksNo more nagging "put your bag on their hooks"No more broken zippers on backpacksNo more "volunteering" to bring snacksNo more homework, no more projectsNo more having to double checkNo more chaperoning on field tripsNo more having to wait 'til Flat Stanley shipsNo more drop offsNo more pick upsNo more uniformsNo more school germsNo more having to pack daily lunchesNo more relying on bad weather hunches ...more

She's not a mean girl

At age 4 my Baby Girl gives me the opportunity to fully execute a wide range of emotions...from extreme frustration to utmost pride and joy. How in the world is this possible? I pray that she and I will have a close, happy relationship the rest of our lives and I hope my discipline won't completely hinder those chances. However, I will be darned if my sweet baby turns into a self entitled, spoiled mean girl. Not that she is ...more

Do a Silly Dance

I try to be a responsible parent. I give my kids milk (though usually not the organic kind), I put them to bed on time (unless I'm too tired to follow the routine), I make them take their vitamins (on the days that I can remember to do so), and I make sure my kids say please and thank you (please do give me credit on this one, thank you very much) ....more

"You're Done."

We celebrated Hubby's pediatric neurosurgery fellowship graduation at tonight's black tie event. In true neurosurgery spouse style, I didn't even pick out what I was going to wear for tonight's proud event until Hubby actually set foot inside our home. After all, it's been way too many years of getting excited, getting prepared and then getting rady for an outing that ne'er actually transpires due to Hubby getting called back to the hospital. But he did arrive tonight, so I ...more

Just Another Night at our House

After what seemed like weeks of "blissful" sleep (or what can be called sleep with a newborn around) WITHOUT having our four year old Baby Girl sneak into our room (I swear, she's bound for a successful career as a sniper or spy), the lovely streak has ended ....more

Swimsuit ready? I think not.

Summer is just around the corner (and actually, here already on most days in Houston... our current location)... which means the pool is open for business ....more

Most Patient Husband Ever

Last Sunday we celebrated Hubby's birthday. At the end of the day I posted the obligatory Facebook post wishing my husband a happy birthday (if I didn't, there would surely be problems with my marriage, right? I mean, isn't that the reason why everyone posts birthday and anniversary greetings on their Facebook? Just to let the world know that, yes indeed, we are doing fine and we are actually happy... maybe) ....more