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Hello from HapaSC @USC Spread the word throughout the mixed-race community, HapaSC is looking for submissions for HAPArt...more

You and Me

Role Reversal

I don’t want to hear your secret thoughts,And I do.Every piece of you, Will cost a piece of me.I have enough to spare,But then no more.Just seeing you,Is taking more than that.You must understand,We never can go back.It should be my decision,I have more to lose.You can’t see it,But I’ve given you the choice.You don’t know it,Or you never would have asked.It’s better,If I know you didn’t know.I can still love you,If I can feel it this way....more

You and Me

We're not as related as before, you and meI am a synthesis of multiple ethnicitiesFrom the way that I walk To the way that I talkYou are my brother--Down to the very last strandOf your DNABut I am mixed, and you are notFor eight years we shared a classroomSometimes a bedroom, the experiencesOf our trans-cultural childhood—The stories of our heritage.Then you forgot.The foods, you grew to dislike.The mother/father lands, you didn't know.I am not American, and I am, But you always are.You have been this and then that...more