Taking the Time

I am amazed at how much time, thought, and effort I’m spending on what we eat these days. When I was working full-time I’d gobble a granola bar on the way out the door in the early a.m., then eat a salad during my daily working lunch with the Admin. Team. I taught classes 1 or 2 evenings a week, which meant meeting R at the local pizza joint around 9 p.m. for a quick bite to eat.  R was out at least one night per week too, so on those nights I’d usually skip dinner, opting for a handful of nuts and a glass of red wine, and he would stop to eat on the way home.  ...more
@Jill.Grun I made homemade tomato soup recently, and I heartily endorse that plan. It's SO good. ...more

The Subtle Approach

This morning, a friend asked me why I don’t just let my husband eat anything he pleases and make it easier on myself (in other words kwitcherbitchin’! <BG>). Well, since he’s never learned about nutrition or cooking, his eating habits are going to compromise his health sooner or later, and have already created challenges to his weight maintenance....more

Trapped in My Mother-in-Law's Recipe Box

I’ve decided to start a new blog for the new year. My thought is to use this as a way to keep track of the dishes I cook that my finicky-eater husband (a.k.a “R”) will eat. Now when I say he’s finicky, it’s no exaggeration! This guy was raised by an old-fashioned Southern mama whose specialties feature pressure cookers and salt. Growing up eating 1950’s comfort food, R now uses those textures (mushy and soft) and flavors (salty and meaty ) as his benchmark for all things edible....more
Yikes!! I could not cook for your husband! He is too fussy...more