I said to the dog, I said

"No breakfast this morning. You're having anesthetic at the vet today." He looked at me and cocked his head inquiringly."Ann us thet tic," I enunciated slowly, to clarify."Wiggle, wiggle?" he asked with the rear half of his body. "No, no food today, boy," I answered. "Prance, prance, silly foot waving?" he asked with his front paws. "No, Buddha. No food today," I replied firmly."You can have some water, though," and I pointed to the dish. "Drink," I said. He turned around and faced away from me and the water bowl. "You Drink it," his backside said. ...more
Poor buddy! I hope he is feeling better soon and enjoying a full dish of steak ;)more

Death by PowerPoint Presentation (poem)

 Our mission  statement has five “strands”, as it wereNow I’ll walk you through this color-coded tableI’ve been told I use too many acronymsHere’s a graphical representation that summarizes what I’ve said thus farI won’t discuss every page of this spreadsheetAnd, now, to recapitulateAny questions?Regards,Katharine...more

You want one, you know you want one

Let's all rush out and buy at least one of these. After all, what faith witnessing compares to the kind you can do via your sweatband?  Regards,Katharine...more

2011 (short poem)

Towels grown meager Low-salt canned beans a luxury The little dog with whiskers who was better off in someone else's house Dreams of thick socks Fear like a crow on one's shoulder Feet gripping A beak that can split bone No pity in those dark eyes Some hours, days, months, years are best forgotten Tell me howRegards,Katharine...more

A Fairy Tale

Discouragement reigns today. This king has a long string of names but late at night in his curtained bed he worries he will be known to history as Martin the Moody. Little does he know that it's much worse:  when the court whispers about him in corners two-by-two they refer to him as Wilfred the Whiny. His attendants, picture them in big hats and wearing richly embroidered outfits in silk and wool (their dry cleaning bills equal the operating budgets of certain African countries), tell him it isn't seemly for a king to be so down in the mouth....more

Dream: Gov. Mark Dayton, Christopher Plummer

Just before I woke up this morning I dreamed I was the suddenly discovered illegitimate daughter of Governor Mark Dayton. I think I was newly out of college, 22 or so. There was much criticism of Dayton in the local media because I was emaciated and ill. Something about gluten intolerance but not having been able to afford a fresh food and gluten-free diet. Governor Dayton and his handlers were so busy trying to downplay the story that Dayton never noticed that the press were swarming all over me, making my life (and I'm ill, remember) just hell....more

That's Longer Than Any of My Relationships Lasted

Today is my five year blogging anniversary. My total pageviews are very low. According to the stats, only a handful of people read the blog, and then not every post. A few of them comment. I thank those readers and comment-leavers very much....more
Thank you, Nice of you to comment.more

I Never Expected to Be a Repo Man

I did a quick drive a few minutes ago to a dog adopter's house not far from mine. I remembered seeing the dog, a Yorkie-ish little thing, and the woman who wanted to adopt her at the adoption event. All I know is that her check for the adoption bounced, and she did not return calls or e-mails regarding it. So for the second time this weekend, I did a stand-on-the-doorstep-and-demand-money gig.I never expected to be a repo man....more

"I'm More In the Herding Category Myself"

I was kvetching about the intensity level of my Parson Russell Terrier mix to a woman at the dog park. "I'm just not a Terrier person. I'm more of a Shepherd person, " I said to her.I was just thinking that it was a bit odd that I should describe myself in terms of dog breeds when the woman replied: "Oh, I know what you mean. I couldn't handle a Jack Russell. I'm more in the herding category myself."Regards,Katharine...more

Armpit Music Impresses Interviewer

Last night I dreamed that I was interviewing for an excellent managerial job at Mother Mining. One of the interviewers on the panel asked me what special skills I had that would make me the best candidate for the job.Without hesitation, I replied that I could play "Jesus Loves Me This I Know" using only my hand and my armpit.Then it occurred to me that I had made a mistake in bringing up religion in a job interview, so I quickly added that I could also play "The Trolley Song" and that I hope one to day to notate for solo armpit all of Judy Garland's greatest hits....more