Tofu Stir-Fry with Ginger and Peppers


Make your own Compost Bin out of Concrete Blocks

Maybe you're noticing a theme here- I like concrete b...more

Recipe: Pasta with Spinach, Feta and Garlic

This dish is another great way to enjoy spinach, my favorite spring leafy green! A little olive oil, some garlic, add a dash of balsamic vinegar, and crumble some feta cheese over it all and you've got a quick, light, healthy(ish) pasta dish....more
Hi Arika, My 2 years old daughter loves pasta and soup, so I always look for the healthy ...more

Herbs in the Garden

 I have big plans to plant a lot of herbs in my outdoor gardens this year. The double-edged sword of concrete block raised beds is the 2 openings in each block- they're a great space to do some extra planting, but they're also a fun space for weeds to quickly crop up!For the past several years, I've just planted herbs right into the garden, but as I expand my plant list each year, space is at more of a premium....more
I'll be planting herbs soon. (It's still a bit early here.) I'm going to do chives, basil, and ...more

Homemade- Make your own Microwave Popcorn!

Make your own Microwave Popcorn! Did you know you can make your own microwave popcorn bag at home, instead of buying those pre-packaged Orville Redenbacher ones that are $5 for 3 popcorn bags?...more

Recipe- Scallion & Dill Potato Salad

Build your own Concrete Block Raised Bed Gardens

This will be my 4th year gardening in raised beds, and the 3rd gardening in my indestructible concrete block beds!...more

Haroset two ways (Traditional American recipe & Greek recipe)

Haroset is a food traditionally enjoyed on the Jewish holiday of Passover. My mom's side of the family is Jewish, and this year I was asked to make the haroset- it's like I've finally entered adulthood! During the Passover meal (called a seder) each food that is eaten has a meaning and a significance related to the story of Passover- the Jews being enslaved in Egypt, and Moses parting and crossing the Red Sea, and the plagues that's a nice children's bed time story :) ...more

How to grow Potatoes in your home garden

Have you ever grown potatoes in your home garden? If you have a sunny spot and a few feet of space, they're really easy to grow! Today I planted the first of the seed potatoes in my garden, & I'll show you how to plant them in yours too.A few facts about potatoes:...more

Sharing and Trading in the Garden

An aspect of gardening that I really appreciate is the desire to share with others. Sharing tips, sharing tricks, sharing tools, sharing plants. ...more