No Joy In Going To The ER. 8 Tips On Getting Through It

Unfortunately for most of us there will come a time when we will have to accompany someone  to the hospital emergency room.   There is nothing joyful about it so I'm not even going to go there.  Over the years I have been in the ER with my dad or mom a bunch of times.  I know how much it sucks but here are a few tips on how I get through it....more

Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,So your son found a video of you on YouTube. I don’t even think you knew what YouTube was but you made it on there before I did. LOL… It was so amazing to see you on there and hear your voice again. I can freeze frame the video and it is like you are looking right at me. I really miss talking to you and thought maybe I’d write you a letter here to let you know how I am doing....more

The Good News

I hate the news…oh no, scratch that. Its feel good Friday so let me start a little more positively. I love watching anything other than the news. Most of it is not news anyway. It is a lot of gossip and entertainment with very little news. As sad as it may be, an unfortunate fire, accidental car accident, or domestic dispute (unless someone is on the run) is not news it is gossip, a way to say look at what happened to these folks. It does not impact my life other than to make me sad or riddled with anxiety. Also the sport segment is not news....more
Two thumbs up and a  big high 5 for some good news!more

Joy In the Universe

A funny thing happens when you reveal your desires to the Universe. The Universe listens. I started this blog as a creative outlet, a hobby, a place to collect my thoughts, and a sort of spotlight to keep me focused happiness, Chasing Joy. I started with a list of things I have always wanted to do and I also took some suggestions from friends, family, and followers. I have a ways to go but have slowly been working my way through the list and chronicling my adventures/experiences here....more

Random Thoughts – Image

I am a Christian. Like many other Christians I believe God created people in his image. If God made me in his image than it is my responsibility to learn to love what I see in the mirror, even while my Temple is under construction.   For similar posts visit

What Makes You Feel Good

Here is a random list of things that make me feel good. Giving my cat Peanut rubs Getting doggie hugs from Hurt when I come home from work The song Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong Cake Shopping (as long as I dont think about the money) Zumba laughing - for any reason Having someone else do my hair Spa treatments The song Favorite Thin...more

Learn How to Cheer Up and Feel Better.

I just love the Internet. You can find anything on it....more

I really enjoy inspirational quotes also. They do the trick quite often. ...more's not so bad.

Today I was talking to someone about the positive changes I am working on. Her response was "I can tell you are really trying." This made me feel really good....more

Amanda, That is such an awesome quote. Thank you I look forward to a year of new Joy and wish ...more

It's Feel Good Friday - Funny Story - Weight Loss Plan

  So It is Feel Good Friday....more

Walking Towards Joy

On May 16th I will be Chasing Joy on West River Drive in Philadelphia. I have signed up to walk in the 31st Annual Philadlphia Bar Association 5K Run/Walk....more