Girl. Woman. Girl. Girl. Girl. Girl.

She was 14, maybe. Her mom or caregiver yanked her by the arm, and hissed, "What is wrong with you?" ...more
This is such an important topic. Thank you for sharing your experience. When girls grow up with ...more

Mind the Gap

There is a divide. At 42, I recognize the divide and even embrace it at times. I don't always know what my daughters are talking about in relation to music. I like new artists, but I'd much rather enjoy my fall-backs: Prince, the artist formerly known as Prince, and, well, Prince.I listen to what they like and roll my eyes.But there's a gap. I know this. Tonight, I hope I closed it a bit....more

One of These Days

One day soon I'm going to write something worth sending you an email when I post it. Today is not that day.  This month of posting has shown me own specific thing: I am not a nighttime blogger. I can write at night, but it should never be something I'm intending on publishing right then....more

Things to Read

Here are a few great reads from the week, with no further commentary on any (mainly because I'm tired and it's late, but each stands alone in its reasons for being worth a share. Just read):

NaBloPoMo Day 14 Says What?

Him, getting into the van: Wait! I see candy under there.Me: Under denotes fallen. That means don't eat it.Him, pullling the Nerd out: Why, cause it was under my butt?Me: Do you think that's reason enough?Him: I don't know. Is butt candy bad?Her, walking up: Do you have any gum?Me: NoHim: No, but I have something elseMe: Don't say--Him: BUTT CANDY!...more

Navigating Social Media During a National Emergency

There are time zones. There are people who simply haven't heard yet. There are scheduled tweets and Twitter users who aren't reading their timeline as they post random cat pictures.Don't condemn them because you are uber aware....more

Throwback Thursday to Snowmageddon

I'm not one for winter and its cold dreariness, but I'm actually looking forward to a bit of snow. Just a bit, mind, not a repeat of snow to my knees for over a week. Right when you thought no more sky droppings could happen, there more came. There more came.See the image to this post, here....more
Denise Arnebya I'm not sure how I got pulled into this, but since snow is being mentioned, YAY ...more

Flu Shot Fiasco

Last year, we had a horrible experience getting flu shots. Our pediatrician ran out, so she referred us to a local pharmacy. I made appointments for us all, and off we went. We got to the pharmacy before our scheduled time, filled out the paperwork, and sat. And sat. And then it was 45 minutes, there were no other people getting flu shots, and something was wrong with this picture."Will we be seen soon? It's moving into lunch time and I'm afraid my son won't be agreeable much longer."...more

I Just Want to Stay

Home. I just want to stay home. I go to my day job. I go to the university some days. I have no choice in those things. Other days, I just want to stay home. Weekends, evenings. I'm starting to realize how frequently I opt to not go anywhere.It's most distinct around the holidays. I'd rather not leave the house.Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. We all have the day off. I'm glad. But. Zoe and I are supposed to see Oliver! at Arena Stage at 7:30....more

Oh, Monday

Today was that quintessential, stereotypical Monday. I woke up on time, but got up late, left late, and then sat on a train for 21 minutes. It only takes me 11 minutes once I'm on the train. If it's moving, that is....more