What's Happening in Baltimore Is About More Than Freddie Gray

I won't condone violence against police or peaceful protesters. I can't....more
Well written, but I would have liked to have seen more finger pointing. The problem is ...more

Why I Was So Disappointed With The Ending of 'Serial'

I like things neat. I like things to have clean conclusions. The ending doesn't have to be positive or even what I want as an ending, but I do prefer there not to be any lingering questions. After listening to the last episode of season one of the Serial podcast, though, lingering questions may be all I'll ever have. ...more
I love radio and I used to listen CBS radio Mystery theater when I was growing up in the 1970's. ...more

How to Find Your Authentic Voice

When I was in elementary school, I declared that I'd be a writer. By high school, though, I was sure I'd go to law school. That too, changed over the years. In college, I had a professor ask me to consider switching my major to English because she enjoyed my writing so much; it would be a "waste of time" to pursue anything else. I wondered if she was high. (To be clear, I hadn't yet declared a major, so, perhaps I was high. No, really. Maybe I was. It was the late '90s and I don't need your judgment. Great, now I'm off track.) ...more
Love your post! I can so relate. Thank you for sharing. I couldn't agree more. Especially, the ...more

Banish Your Family And Prepare Yourself Because The Purple One Is On SNL This Weekend

I have instructed my family to get all their requests in on Saturday before 11:28 p.m. because by 11:30 I’ll be in a trance. I need those two minutes to mentally prepare for the beginning of a Saturday Night Live that won’t soon be forgotten, an SNL that will include (deep, meditating breath) Prince. Did that register in your mind? If so, did you flap your hands before fanning your face trying to get your blood pressure under control? ...more
NikkiG Listen to me, NIkkiG -- there is not one thing in that show outside of Prince that you ...more

On Refusing to Allow Viola Davis' Talent To Be Limited By Racial Commentary

No matter our professional and personal and societal accomplishments as black women, we will be seen as less than. No matter the strides we make beyond being maids, we will be seen as less than. We will be qualified with “for a black woman.” That’s a beautiful painting for a black woman. She’s an incredible dancer for a black woman. Image: © Lisa O'Connor/ZUMAPRESS.com ...more
This is a powerful post! I loved it! I agree that it is absolutely insane that people can only ...more

What's In a (Starbucks) Name?

Amoeba. Armenia. Ambibia. Ar-na-by...what's your name, baby? It's rare for someone to say my name correctly on the first try. It happens, but it's rare. I've been called all of those above and a few others that make less sense. And by less sense I mean less sense of a seemingly normal person who thought Amoeba could be correct. ...more
I get misspellings all the time too. I'm most commonly named Brittany or Brenda. Or an extra ...more

The Other Side of the Weight Spectrum: Being Too Thin

This is not a pity party. I am relatively healthy, of sound mind (albeit occasionally debatable). I love myself, I do. I practice self worth in front of my girls, never complain about my [under]weight. I am happy and free and in love with my body in front of them. Oh, I can give the performance you've never imagined. But inside my head? Ugly. Skinny. Tittyless. Meatless. You're always cold because you don't have enough meat on your bones. No one wants you. Your husband is pretending. Your girls are destined to follow the skinny path. Make them some potatoes. ...more
AlmaPacheco I'm in the same boat, 27 years old, 5'3, 96lbs (and thats because i've been fighting ...more

I Did Nothing While She Hurled Abuses At Them

I imagined her saying I don't need your help. Truth be told, I didn't have anything to help her with other than maybe talking to her kids while she zoned out for a while. My daughter and I got on the bus, our first day of catching it together. Our first day of her getting off and transferring to another to go to school; me staying on to get on the subway, me staying on to watch her walk to a bus stop that leaves a lot to be desired as far as safety. Please pay attention to your surroundings. Please. ...more
Well said and described. the torn anxiety, the anger, the sorrow and the helplessness in the ...more

Sometimes: A List of Indulgences

Editor's Note: We spend so much of our days and nights 'being productive', meeting obligations and doing what is expected of us. But sometimes, wouldn't it be nice to do exactly what you feel? --HeatherSometimes I want to sing on the subway just to see who’ll join me.Sometimes I spend a whole day at work not speaking to another person, instead listening to Citizen Cope or Corinne Bailey Rae or Maze or Stevie Wonder or Adele or Luther....more
Sometimes I spend a ridiculous amount of time letting my kids do ferberts on my squishy belly.more

Guest posting at Mama’s Comfort Camp

Community. It’s as important to one’s sanity during motherhood as lots of chocolate. Having a supportive external community, one outside of our family and friends is necessary since sometimes the people closest to you are the ones you can’t really tell that you sometimes (OK, often) hide from your kids. Being able to go someplace online to meet and talk to like minded women who share your fears, your dreams, your hopes, and perhaps your love of bad TV, all without ...more