Russian Grannies Steal the Eurovision Show

   Since this is a blog  written by a crone, often about fellow crones, I’m ashamed to say that until yesterday, when I saw something about it in the NY Times, I wasn’t aware that a team of&n...more

Free Father's Day Cards

Favorite Photos FridaySome time ago I designed a few Father's Day cards using antique photos from my collection. Here are three of them.Just in case you haven't gotten around to buying Dad a card yet -- Father's Day is June 17 this year--feel free to assemble your own card by printing one of these, pasting it on a blank piece of folded paper, and writing a sentiment and your name inside, with lots of "X"s and "O"'s.Free Father's Day Card....more
I love them! That is awesome!more

Where Does the Joy Go?

   It’s been a privilege and an inspiration to spend time with granddaughter  Amalía during her first ni...more

The Executioner’s Granddaughter

The Story Behind the PhotographLast week, as I was selecting antique photos of children with toys from my collection for my post of May 18, I picked up this one of a curly-headed moppet holding a toy lamb and a riding crop.  ...more

Lost Bird: Survivor of Wounded Knee, Betrayed by the White Man

What a very sad and interesting story.  I recently gained the knowledge that North America had ...more

I’m a What-Kind-of Crone?

                                                          Joanna DeVoe f...more
That is an awesome title! Keep it rockin!more

Remembering Sixties Fashions and Mad Men Days


A Resourceful Mom Writes an eBook Bestseller

 This is a story about how an intrepid Greek-American mom inAlaska tackled economic problems caused by a family health crisis that forcedher to quit her job.  She did it bypouring her family recipes and her memories of her mother and grandmothers intoa cookbook that she se...more
I am in the process of writing a book... I had no idea all the work that goes into it... You are ...more

Found Art – The Murals of the Mission District, San Francisco

 (Please click on the photos to see them whole.)...more