DS9: And Now For Something Completely Different

DS9: Time For Something Completely Different I've spent just about every day of the last three months watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's the one I grew up with, the one I'm most familiar with, the one I always get nostalgic about. I was sad to see it go and a little apprehensive about DS9 which I and am much less familiar with. Just as I assumed would happen--the entrance into DS9 came as a shock....more

The Best Of Both Worlds: In a Movie Theater

A few months ago it was announced that, in anticipation of the Blu-ray release of TNG Season Three, that Fathom events would be showing "The Best of Both Worlds" in theaters across the country. I bought my tickets the day they became available. I couldn't wait for the showing and finally, last night, I sat in a huge room full of Star Trek fans and watched what is often considered the best episode of The Next Generation and one that is particularly meaningful to me. It was pretty amazing. ...more

TNG: Unification

I was a little kid when "Unification" first aired so I don't remember what a big deal it was that this episode featured a dedication to the recently departed Gene Roddenberry. I don't remember what a big deal it was that Lenard Nemoy returned to the small screen as Spock after all those years. I don't remember what it was like to watch Mark Lenard make his final guest appearance as Sarek. I don't remember it but, as I re-live all of Star Trek in a year, the impact of those events affects me in a strange way....more

TNG: The Game

I was pretty little when Rachel Leigh Cook broke an egg into a hot frying pan and proclaimed, "This is your brain on drugs." I was an elementary schooler when the (scientifically documented to be ineffective) DARE program was at its peak. I was told to "Just Say No" by everyone from Nancy Regan to Punky Brewster but I didn't care about any of it. Even as a kid, it all seemed patronizing and preachy. None of these things were going to keep me from trying drugs....more

TNG: Darmok

So, don't hold me to this because I might change my mind when "Tapestry" rolls around but I think that "Darmok" is my favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.If you're unfamiliar with this episode, basically, the Enterprise is scheduled to meet with a group of aliens called the Tamarians. No one's ever been able to successfully cross the language barrier with them but Captain Picard is feeling smugly sure of his ability to communicate. He even makes a smug face:...more

When I Find Myself In Times Of Trouble