a year of us | day 39

day 39 I had errands and holiday shopping to do downtown so I listened to Serial while popping in and out of stores. I walked by the art gallery and saw the latest exhibit in the window: dried flowers tied up in bundles and hanging by strings, flower bundles set out on a tall butcher block, along with petals scattered on the floor. I stopped to get a closer look just as a twenty-something couple walked by ....more

a year of us | day 38

day 38 The little one walked over to the chair with an open laptop resting on the arm. He surveyed the area. Anyone looking? ...more

a year of us | day 37

day 37 It worked. He fell asleep in the car coming home from the doctor’s office then store. I cranked up the heat and classical music, popped open a yogurt, and wrote ....more

a year of us | day 36

day 36 I boiled a pot of eggs for salad and rinsed them in cold water when it seemed like twelve minutes had passed. I didn’t bother to set the timer while they cooked and I nursed the little one in the other room. I relied on gut instinct and smell ....more

a year of us | day 35

day 35 After chasing the little around the house for most of the day, I decided a car ride was in order. Chances were good he would fall asleep and I would write. Neither happened ....more

a year of us | day 34

day 34 I tried to write early before breakfast and again later in the afternoon. The little one climbed on top of the stool then down again. Up and down and back up with a book ....more

a year of us | day 33

day 33 He gathered blankets from the bedroom and living room then piled them on the floor. “I can sleep next to the tree tonight.” That would be nice, maybe next weekend. I read our favorite story from last year, A Place Called Home ....more

a year of us | day 32

day 32 Grassy hills rolled into the blue winter afternoon. We drove up to the farm in Gill. I spied a few cats near the barn who politely ignored me as I walked through the mud caked parking lot ....more

a year of us | day 31

day 31 By 4 pm, I needed a nap or a car ride. L came home from school and C fell asleep, so I went for the second. Weeks earlier, I downloaded Serial, a podcast about a 15 year-old murder case told as a long-form story ....more

52 weeks | the sense/memory project | week 4

52 weeks | the sense/memory project | week 4 This is a weekly photo project where I explore the nature of experience through composed memories. Each image is shot on medium format instant color film and is paired with a list of sense memories. You can follow along at the #thesensememoryproject and join me if you like ....more