still life (plus Moms Who Click)

It’s Thursday… At the writing desk today, but I wanted to pop in and say hello and to share this feature Moms Who Click (Thanks, Ladies!) did with me. It’s a great site for the creative/photo minded. Read more, here ....more

Conversation with Lisa Congdon (Art Inc.)

I recently had the pleasure of talking to artist Lisa Congdon about her new book, Art Inc. It’s an essential guide for creative types who dream of making a living as an artist. Lisa debunks the starving artist myth and offers practical steps to create, build, and sustain a profitable business ....more


Hi, just a quick note to say I’m sharing a story about marbles, authenticity, and advice from strangers (oh and photography too, of course) over at Mortal Muses today ....more

color field + ground

A quick glimpse of a new film series: color field + ground. Read this short story earlier, Last Meal at Whole Foods. A young man’s mother is dying ....more


over at Mortal Muses today with thoughts on embracing change ....more

hello august + new photo e-course

Hello. So much is happening this month, where do I begin? The second session of my Develop Your Photo Habit & Style E-course opens today ....more

walnut-pear tart

Hey, there. It’s the middle of July, already! We’ve grown weeds in our garden beds and kept a mama raccoon out of the house after she tore into a bag of cat food ....more

the view from here

Some recent film shot with Impossible color spectra of the annual trek to Cape Cod. Off for more summer fun. See you back here soon ....more

lately in black and white

(before) on the verge of summer with the Yashica Mat 124 | Tri-X 400 ...more

almost there

I’m typing this note with one hand, cradling my sleeping babe with the other. Summer vacation begins soon, which means picnics, novels, sandcastles, afternoons at the lake. A night at the drive-in ....more