Decorate Your Eggs Differently This Year: Draw Frames on Them!

I've been thinking a lot lately about Easter egg ideas for kids. I included a bunch in my spring crafts eBook, both new ideas as well as some of our older faves, but there are others floating around in my head that didn't make it into the book. This is one of those: Drawing in frames....more
Eggcellent idea, I'll add something hand drawn to my pysankies.more

The Artful Summer eBook & A Special Sale

Hey folks! Look! I have The Artful Summer eBook ready for you! ...more

Melted Bead Suncatchers :: Beautiful Free Form Hearts!

We've been experimenting like crazy with melted bead suncatchers lately. First Maia's spiral, then our free form lovelies, then these heart suncatchers this weekend (as well as a few other super cool melted bead ideas I'll share later this week). These heart suncatchers would make amazing Valentine's Day gifts, but of course hearts are great any time of the year ....more

A Summer Fun List on the Chalkboard

School is around the corner but we are not quite ready yet. Are you? We are still in the midst of jumping through the sprinkler, making (and eating) fruit popsicle after fruit popsicle, catching fireflies, and staying up late to roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the backyard firepit ....more

Win a Box of Arts and Crafts Supplies from Craft Project Ideas

Do you need some fresh arts and crafts supplies for back to school and the fall crafting season? Craft Project Ideas, one of my blog sponsors, is offering a box of fun supplies as a giveaway to one lucky reader. They asked me for suggestions of what to include, so this list is handpicked by me ....more

The Artful Parent Book :: GIVEAWAY!

It's been a few months since The Artful Parent book was released and a while since I've posted anything about it here, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite reviews and give away some signed copies. Just for fun. (And also to do my author promotion part that I've been sorely neglecting ever since I fell into that crazy pit of depression a while back.) Sooo.. ....more

Welcome August Sponsors!

Please welcome my blog sponsors for the month of August! They help make this blog possible and I am very grateful for their support....more

More Melted Bead Suncatchers :: Freeform Experiments!

Maia's melted bead spiral set off a whole round of melted bead suncatcher experimentation. We're absolutely loving the freedom of form that string and wire are allowing. And we've even tried adding glass beads among the plastic pony beads, just for fun....more

A Melted Bead Suncatcher Spiral

We've been experimenting more with melted bead suncatchers and I wanted to share a beautiful one that Maia made this weekend—a rainbow spiraled melted bead suncatcher! Here's how she did it: First, she strung translucent pony beads along embroidery thread. We've all been in bead stringing mode the past few days, but while Daphne and I strung the colors rather randomly, Maia strung hers in rainbow order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple ....more

11 Art Activities for Kids to Try with Yarn

After our recent experiments with yarn on canvas, I started thinking about all the fun kids' art activities we've done with yarn and string over the years. Everything from printing and painting with yarn to making spider webs and installation art....more