Looking Back at Journey of Life...

Time flies when you have fun and indeed, a year has gone by since I started blogging. From timidly stepping my feet into the blogging world to where I am here today surrounding by my friends, blogging friends and readers from all of the world.A year ago, I wrote this very post and here I am looking back and sharing it you all over again ...Journey of Life...more
@JourneyofLife I, too, have found that BlogHer is very addicting. lol!  It is very hard to stay ...more

Miss me?

I haven't gone far ... just around the corner at  http://journeyofmylifendestiny.blogspot.comVisit me soon ... and I will pay a visit back to you ...Until next stop,Journey of Life...more
 @JourneyofLife After a few days of trying with Melissa (alienbody), I finally got through. So I ...more

Giving procrastination a second look ...

Recently I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal written by Dr. Perry, an emeritus professor of philosophy at Stanford University, is the author of "The Art of Procrastination," to be published by Workman later this month.  He mentioned that being a procrastinator is not bad at all… Why you say? Here is what he has to say, a lot of us are feeling bad when we are ones or perhaps feeling depressed or even taking many advices such as don’t take in too many responsibilities or tasks simply because we may fail them....more
 @HomeRearedChef Thank you Virginia! You are so kind ...more

Our first stop -- Doing something we truly enjoy

I hope I find you all well and it has been sometime since our last ride. Before hand, I would like to extend my gratitude for those of you who had been visiting my blog while I was taking the break. Thank you for keeping the seats warm while the train was off. . Now, has it been a moon away since I was gone? Nevertheless, I am so exciting to be back! BTW., have you seen the train?Does it look different?...more
 @elaineR.N. Thank you Elaine for stopping by and your always nice and encouraging comment. Be ...more

The train of our lives …

The very first time I rode on a train was with my late father where we traveled on an overnight train from our home town to where the high school that I went to. It was weird but interesting experience. We were all going to some destinations, some were the same, some were different. Some folks joined us from one of the stops and some from other stops. In fact people came and went  at some junctions at some points....more
 @victorias_view Hi Darcie, not at all. In fact I am back :-)more

The most unforgettable gift in my life …

[Disclaimer: Sandra has a blog hop for writers’ workshop that I am participating in (http://www.awriterweavesatale.com/2012/06/29/sandras-writing-workshop-hop-3) and the following is the third fictions that I have ever written so far. If you have missed my very fist one, co-authored with my girl, check that out!...more
 @elaineR.N. Thanks Elaine! I really appreciate it.more

Fabulous Bloggers? --See the ribbon!

 @feelingbeachie Hilary! I have a feeling if we grow up together --you and I can be best friends ...more

The party is still on and I am sharing ten things about me …

A bit late to the party but still made it somehow and the invitation still open--I hope! With wine, cheese and company … what do I bring? Myself and the ten things least known about me.Here they are!...more
 @wdolderer Thank you for such a warm visit and comment. I am glad we share the rats dislike and ...more

Journey to the Heart of Spain...

We left Rome to Madrid by plane. It was such a ashamed that we used Madrid as our hop between Greece and Italy. Definitely must come back to this beautiful city. Meanwhile, due to the limited time that we had on hands, we managed to take a bus from Hotel to the downtown. Our luck was with us, when we... http://journeyofmylifendestiny.blogspot.com/2012/06/journey-to-heart-of-spain.html ...more
 @elaineR.N. I am glad it brought back your happy memories. I need to go back there as I barely ...more

Somebody That I used to Know …

Not sure how many times have I stood in front of this mirror ... Funny is, I can’t see myself very well! All I am seeing is the crack in the heart of the mirror. Yes! There is a crack--No, there was a crack and it doesn't matter how many time I tried to fix it … I can see it clearly while others may not be able to. It looks just fine from outside....more
 @FatCat Thank you. I haven't seen for  a long time :-)more