Motherhood Unlimited

What is motherhood? Motherhood is not limited to only those who have given birth. Motherhood includes even those who are Aunts, Grandmothers, Godmothers, Motherlike Figures, Adoptive Mother, Foster Mother, etc. It is loving a child with care. It is thinking of someone else besides yourself. It is the joy you feel when looking into your child's face. It is the pride of your baby's first step. It is that feeling when you leave your baby at daycare for the first time or first day of school. It is warmth in your heart when your child is able to form the words I Love You....more

Love Turns

Love is looking over at a beautiful seen with that person you consider your best friend, confident and partner in life. Together you enjoy the beautiful scenery that life has given. One day the person next to you stops holding your hand. Another day they step away from your side. You hope they come back but by the time you decide to turn back for them you are pushed off the cliff you both were standing on together. Luckily you you grab onto the ledge holding on to love for dear life. You reach out your hand to your love with him looking at you for help....more

Attempt To Move On

In the time you are with someone you love, it can be one of the best things you could feel in life until one single moment that changes everything you thought you had.  Betrayal of a lover that you never thought could happen because of the love you have for each other. You begin to feel that this person you once knew is not the person you fell in love with. You feel as if you are laying next to a stranger. No matter the level of betrayal it still causes pain. Pain that can make your mind wonder if anything that you had with the person was real....more

Fighting To The End of Love

When a woman is truly in love it is with mind, heart and soul. It is respect and faithfulness to all degree. It is giving all with wanting all in return. But when this being in love is diminished by a temporary moment of a man's selfish action, it becomes hard and takes time for a woman to knock down the wall around her heart. A wall that protects her from further harm not allowing her to fully love with her mind, heart and soul as she once did....more