I have to cancel my registration

and i posted info at http://www.blogher.com/blogher-conference/blogher-conference-09/looks-i-cant-attend-bh09-after-all ...more

Looks like I can't attend BH09 after all....

and I'm registered and have a room reserved.   How do I go about recouping my registration cost and making sure that the waitlist isn't circumvented?       ...more

Hi, do you have a ticket for sale? If you have I am interested in ...more

Has anyone besides me decided to repurpose her blog?

This is a cross post from my Build Peace blog.  I'm "repurposing" what has been my pretty far to the left blog, Build Peace, to be more about me and building peace at many levels including internally through acceptance, intention, attitude, simplification and other profoundly sound and sometimes seemingly trendy concepts. ...more

Video Games and Virtual Worlds Carry Over into Real Life

There is conditioning that takes place when you play video games that carries over into real life.   Perhaps the common depiction of "real" life versus "in world" or "in game" is deceptive and should be termed something more like physical life and virtual life.  "New research suggests that virtual worlds sway real-life choices." writes Ewen Callaway in The New Scientist.   ...more

Virtual Worlds, Social Media, & Social Justice

I'm coming up for air in physical life and immersing myself in virtual life after the U.S. election.  I've been a CODEPINK Women for Peace activist for over five years.  This election does not signal the end of CODEPINK work; we're not politically motivated, we are peacefully motivated.   <!--break-->U.S. ...more

Arizona Republicans are totally unethical -- at all levels.

If you have any doubt about the corruption that is pervasive in Republican Politics, read about how Arizona Republicans have changed parties to run as Greens sometimes on the same day they filed to run.  This smacks of the same old AZ Republican politics that binds mafioso land developers, liquor and gambling interests... ...more

The coup has happened we have a few days at most to act!

the links are being taken down as quickly as we can get them up there won't be an election if you don't act. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqzLf_P7YQ0&feature=related this is no jest women ...more

the main thing that disturbs me is the deployment of troops in the U.S. for actions against ...more

RNC police action against protesters looks to be a LOT different from that at DNC.

Federal agents of all sorts are helping local cops in St. Paul Minneapolis raid homes, kitchens and convergence centers. Okay, there are anarchists in the twin city areas. Whoop de doo. There are anarchists everywhere. Mainstream folks don't realize it as no national media covers it at all, but at times over the last few years I've had opportunity to interact with ...more

Democracy is eroding and the violence that most people incorrectly think of when they hear ...more

States 48, 49, and 50 represented on the ballot, what does this mean?

What does it mean that three of the four candidates for leadership of the U.S. either come from or are elected officials from the Western States?   Changes that folks knew would occur in the future are happening now.   Welcome to the future.   ...more

Getting Progressives Elected -- Progressive Patriot Fund

I just went to the Progressive Patriots Fund page and voted for the Progressive Patriot I think most deserves/needs the $5000 infusion into her or his campaign. ...more