Future Home Inspiration on Houzz.com

Hello there, Hoping everyone's weekend was a splendid one. I am excited to announce that my friend April and I will be roommates soon! :)  And when I say soon, I mean in March when she comes back from working on a fabulous new movie. This world still amazes me, when one door closes, another one opens. I had such a sigh of relief tonight when she and I were chatting on the phone about my apartment search, and she told me that she was looking to move around the same time as me. I am excited because this means we will be able to afford a much bigger place with snazzy amenities. I am elated! ...more

Home Goods Happy! Future Furniture Inspiration

Hey Ya'll, Can you believe that 2013 is almost over? I am still in shock that it went by so quickly. The years seem to just fly by now. My 10 year high school reunion is around the corner too! Eeek! I feel like this time flies concept is becoming the "norm." I was realizing this today as I was shopping around on this super creative commercial I am working on. ...more

DIY Easy and Budget Friendly Project: White and Gold Vintage Tray Makeover!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I showed you all a really dated goose round tray? If you didn't see it, I had posted it via my FB page and on Instagram. I am pleased to say that this drab, old tray has been transformed into a fun, simple, and stylish piece....more

Make Over Monday - DIY Framed Magnetic Make-up Board

Hello Readers! ...more

18 Easy Wall Storage Ideas - Hometalk Style

Hello Readers!...more

Marilyn Make Over Monday! Upcycling a Goodwill Find Bathroom Storage Shelf!

Happy Monday Readers! I thought I would share with you a fun and easy way to upcycle a drab bathroom storage shelf and re-purpose it for whatever your living situation needs.  For example, I live on the second level of an apartment building, but my front door is on the 1st level at the bottom of a flight of stairs (very townhouse-like). There really isn't room for any sort of entry table to put anything. SO I had to problem solve....more

My Garage/Yard/Moving Sale Tips!!

Hello Readers, One week ago I was able to pair up with some friends for my friend Anna's moving sale. It was a wonderful experience prepping for the yard sale as a team....more