Right now in church, I am working with the Outreach Committee to put together the Annual Thanksgiving Baskets for Neighbors In Need....more

Mom's Job Never Ends

When my oldest son was born I was working full time in an office. I was lucky enough to be able to work part of the time at home. My days still were very structured, I had a lot of office work with dead lines for clients that had to get done. I only had the one baby, so it was fairly easy to keep up with the house and work....more

A Little Gratitude

November typically is the month that people on social media start posting what they are grateful for. Some people try to post something new everyday of the month. It seems like a logical month to do this as we Americans prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. ...more

Moved by Music

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” ...more

First Pitch at Lowell Spinners

This summer we attended a Lowell Spinners baseball game with members of our church. My 5 year old son, Ryan, got the privilege of throwing out one of the first pitches of the game.This photo was taken by the photographers at the game! I love how it shows him having thrown the ball, the ball in mid-air and you can see his name on the big screen to the left of him. A very cool photo shot!...more

Favorite Autumn Flavor

What is your favorite autumn flavor?Mine is apple & cinnamon - apple cider, apple crumble, apple pie. I haven't found an apple & cinnamon dish I didn't like. I love cider hot or cold! Add some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream to your apple crumble or pie and you can't go wrong....more

Puddle or Leaf Pile?

Which is better to jump in: a leaf pile or a puddle? For me it would depend on the weather. During a warm rain it is definitely a lot of fun to run around with the kids and splash in the puddles. Living in New England, I love the variety of the seasons! What better way to celebrate a beautiful Autumn day then jumping in a great big pile of leaves. Definitely hard to choose!...more

NaBloPoMo November 2013 - Day 3

It's now the 3rd day into November's NaBloPoMo challenge, are you participating?I have attempted in the past to do this and found myself getting distracted and not able to complete the monthly task of blogging daily. I am determined to complete the challenge this time....more

Apple Picking!

One of my favorite fall family activities is apple picking! This year we went twice, once early on in the season at the beginning of September and then again today.Today was even better because it was FREE!Smolak Farms in North Andover, MA had such a great crop this year that they opened up their apple orchard for FREE picking today (11/2) and tomorrow (11/3) from 9-4....more

How Would You Spend 1 Million Dollars...In 1 Day??

If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?Well first of all, I would pay off all my bills, which is probably not surprising. Then I would buy a house, since we rent right now. I would buy 2 new cars and donate the ones we have. Then book & pay in full for a family vacation to Europe, this way we could visit my sister & brother-in-law. I would also purchase travelers checks or prepaid card for spending money on our vacation....more