On Dialoguing With Apple

Summer is a time for conventions. Right now, the annual convention of The National Federation of the Blind is happening, and one of the resolutions under discussion proposes that Apple mandate that any app submitted to their store be accessible. There's been some discussion around this on the social media platforms, including Audioboo....more

An Introduction

Hi, I guess that's the best way to start an informal introduction. I normally blog at www.customerservant.com and am trying to figure out how to get that content to crosspost over here. But in the meantime, I suppose I can manually post it. Anyway, on to the intro part. My name is amanda, and I build websites and teach for a living. I love the internet, and especially blogging. I've been doing it since 2003. And I love BlogHer because it's a network that provides a lot of interesting things to read as well as interesting people to meet....more
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