So You Want to be a Farmer


Sustainable Food Budget Challenge Wrap Up

For the month of April, our family has been participating in The Crunchy Chicken's Sustainable Food Budget Challenge.   This challenge certainly has been an eye-opener for our family!  It has been a lot of fun for me, and good for us all.  For the month, our total is $398.56. ...more

Thrifty Thursday: Joining a CSA Farm

One of the biggest money savers Rick and I did last year was joining a local CSA farm.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture (see my March 2008 post,  "CSA - And it Tastes Good Too" for more info on how CSA's work and where to find one in your area).  Like buying your meat in bulk or using cloth diapers, the upfront cost of a CSA membership is a lot to shell out at once, but the savings over time is incredible!  ...more

It's a very cool concept, supporting a local farmer.  The CSA is about 60 miles from our ...more


Hey there!  I'm new here too (duh, that's why I'm introducing myself).  I've been blogging for two years now (, and what started as a personal family/mommy blog has quickly spiraled into me rambling about green living, saving money, and raising chickens in our back yard in Denver.  As in, IN the city.  :)  ...more