A Visit to Anglesey Abbey, and a Garden in Winter

For those of you who were recently, to put it in English terms, gutted by the latest episode of Downton Abbey, this one's for you.   We'll take a soothing walk through a similar property, where no one gets hurt or (spoiler alert!) dies.  (Also, let me just add that I think that show is just heartless.  I mean, seriously!)  Alright, a little about Anglesey Abbey: ...more

Wyken Market: Where to Find Raw Milk (and Other Country Pleasures) in Suffolk

I had been having a serious craving all week for raw cream.  Maybe it was all of the ice cream I'd been making (recipes coming soon, I promise!) or just that extra richness winter makes us long for.  In any case, I knew where to find it.  There are not a lot of places to buy raw dairy products, here  but they ...more

Snape Maltings-- A Sweet Place to Browse...

We haven't been getting out as much as usual lately.  I guess that's pretty normal, considering the really heavy snows we've been having, and all of the bundling up that is required, with cold tolerances of a certain six year old only lasting for so long while wandering around in ice rain.  Yes, let's blame it on the girl!  Otherwise Jeff and I would be perfectly happy wandering around all day in the sleet ....more

January News, Notes and Links

Hi there!  It has been pretty quiet around here, and I will explain why. Notes: ...more

Apple, Leek & Bacon Breakfast Sausage

I love my morning meals. If I had to choose just one meal to eat all day, it would definitely be breakfast.  We always eat protein in the morning over here, and since anything (even bacon!) can get a little boring day after day, we try to mix it up without getting too fussy about it on the weekdays.  That's why making sausage patties and freezing them is perfect.  You can make as many as you want when you ...more

Middle Eastern Flavors for the Winter Blues

This is going to be a quick one.  Friends, I have been sick.  We don't catch many colds in our house, but Jeff and I both got one of the nastier ones I have ever seen, and my version of it pretty much kicked me in every facial feature: eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, tonsils... And chest.  I don't like to complain, so I'll leave it at that. ...more

The Family Piggy Bank: Dreaming, Earning, and Saving Together

Under our Christmas tree this year, there was a very mysterious package .  My daughter was baffled by the label-- To: Our Family  Merry Christmas!@  From: All of Us! ...more

One Year of Pottery

Last year, one of the intentions I set for 2012 was to explore my artistic side.  I am pleased to say that I really did do this, and it enriched my life.  I took a photography course through Creative Live, got out my art supplies and tried my hand at painting with acrylics for the first time, and I took pottery classes-- three times!  It did enrich my life, a ...more