Permanent vs Temporary

It may have been more of a nightmare than a vacation. No doubt that the lack of power, few working toilets, no air conditioning and limited amounts of food weren't the conditions that the passengers aboard the Carnival Triumph expected. Obviously it would be disappointing to spend a large sum of money for a cruise that turned out to be anything except luxurious and relaxing. ...more

Marriage Isn't Always Easy {And It Isn't Supposed to Be}

Last week we had professional family photos taken. The pictures show a loving family- two parents with four sweet kids eagerly anticipating the arrival of a fifth child any day. There are photos of a husband’s arms wrapped around his wife and their growing baby. There are images of children laughing and playing together. What is not as obvious in these photos is that we are a family who has lived through some very tough times....more

Supporting and Understanding the Adoptive Family

About eighteen months ago our family expanded through the adoption of two children. We have learned so much and the family and friends who love and support our family have also learned a lot. Though we had previous parenting experience, this journey has had it's own unique joys and challenges. ...more

Dogs, Humans and Harmony: Preparing Your Dog for a Growing, Changing Family

"He was a great dog until our baby started walking. Now he is aggressive towards our toddler." "We've had Zeus for 8 years. He has never growled at anyone but last week he growled at our son's friend who was over playing. The little boy didn't do anything to provoke Zeus. He's in a wheelchair and was not even sitting close to the dog." "I'm so glad you're a woman vet. Trixie hates men and is just terrified of them!" "My dog has always been so friendly but she growls at our son's new girlfriend who is African American. What is going on?" ...more